Sunday, 10 December 2006

The one with that one particular moment...

yesterday i went back to PD to visit opah with my mom and my brother.. my the traffic was so very teramat highly congested! bayangkan, bertolak dalam kul 11am mcm tuh only to reach PD at about 3pm. what da.. anyhow, opah was in a stable condition, despite looking very pale and weak.. she's getting thinner.. sedih tengok keadaan opah. she barely can move. but she could still talk clearly. so when i reached there, i sat by her, and gave her a rub at her forehead while engaging in some brief conversation. she fell asleep within 15 minits, so i left her to get some sleep as well. got a bit tired from the not-suppose-to-be long journey. when i woke up at 4.30pm later in the evening, i went to her room once again. she just finished being bathed. again i sat by her, and she wanted her hand to be held. so i put her hand in mine, and we talked. again, within half an hour time she fell asleep. maybe she was feeling too comfortable. it was raining outside, and she just got bathed. i tucked her into the blanket and switched off the light. and we left for KL at about 6pm.

that was one hell of a good moment i had. i hope opah can tell that this grandchild of hers, really loves her so much… may she always be in Allah’s care and His bless..

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