Saturday, 30 December 2006

The one with.. the Singapore trip (part 2) and the loss of my beloved opah..

*continuation from previous entry :p *

Day 4 – Harini dari pagi dah ujan.. tak sure la dari pagi ker tak, sebab bangun2 jer memang tengah hujan. heh. hmm, after everyone was all ready, we went to err, Orchard Road again coz Alin n Tazz wanted to do a little bit more of shopping.. (yup!!) and after that we went to this place called Clarke Quay. was quite a happening place i would say. in view of the Christmas Eve, they even had a live band performance there. Tazz went to try their bungee jumping (erghh kasik sejuta pun i wont take my chance.. huhu) and later Alin, Tazz and myself went for a boat tour (Dayana phobia boat2 kecik macam tuh, dia prefer cruise jer.. lol). after that we went for a nice dinner where we talked, and laughed, and we had.. more of talking and laughing :D and also had our christmas toast when the midnight strikes..

.: walaupun ujan, keluar tetap keluar… :) :.

.: inside one of the shopping mall, outside this one outlet with Dayana sementara tunggu cik Alin & cik Tazz underwent their retail theraphy session, heh :.

.: at the entrance of Clarke Quay:.

.: Tazz during the boat tour.. gambar dia bungee jumping takde.. video is too big to be attached here :.

.: Dinner on Christmas Eve :.

Day 5 – more of the go with the flow day.. masing2 sume dah pancit coz hari2 berjalan and tidur lambat. went out quite late towards the evening and the first place we went was Arab Street.. haihhhh kalau earning in SGD kain2 kat sane memang murah… sabar jer lah tengok kain2 cantik kat situ. after that, Alin, Tazz and myself went to the Night Safari without Dayana tagging along sebab dia dah pergi yang lagi challenging kat Afrika.. :) Night Safari was great, even the fact that was already my third time being there. heh, like Alin said, it’s the company that matters.. tapi the night creatures performance had to be cancelled due to the rain.. bummer.. kitorg punye lah berjaya mencelah2 throughout the crowd (coz its on the first come first served basis) and managed to get a good sitting.. tapi, takpelah kan..nak buat cemane.. nevertheless, was a great outing…

.: inside one of the shops at the Arab Street :.

.: me at the entrance of Night Safari :.

.: Cik Alin had a thing with Encik buaya darat :P :.

.: Cik Tazz berlagak dengan Encik buaya darat ;P :.

.: me berdrama queen dengan Encik buaya darat hehe :.

Went back home that night at about 11pm, close to midnight. we were supposed to have a meet up with Alin’s sis – Azera and the bf. they drove in to Singapore so we thought of passing her some of our shopping bags so that it would be easier for us to travel by bus later.. so, Azera and her bf Faliq came to Dayana’s house, and without planning, we decided to go to this one agak-famous-la-jugak shopping market, Mustaffa (nvm the name kekeke). it opens 24 hours, and since it was our final night in Singapore, we decided to give it a shot. i myself actually have already formed a bad expectation towards that place sebab the last time i passed by that place, to me it looked like none other than Mydin, packed with Indians & Bangladeshi.. huhu.. tapi Dayana and family memang promote abis2an laa tempat tuh, coz barang murah. so, Azera, Faliq, Alin, Tazz & myself went there at about 1 in the morning.. ok lah, i surrender, that place wasnt that bad.. barang murah laa gak.. tapi i was already so sleepy, so macam tak amek pusing sangat…

after that we went for a late dinner, and reached home at about 5am.

thats when i received an sms from my sister, telling me, that my beloved opah had passed away earlier at 4.15am… i was like, so broken down into pieces, that i cried and cried and cried.. and all i know was, i wanted to rush back to Port Dickson, by whatever means.

thanks to the continuous support from Dayana & family, Alin, and Tazz, i managed to catch the 8am bus from Singapore to Malacca that very morning, and when i reached there at about 1.30pm, i managed to get a cab to rush me to PD. along the way i just couldnt stop crying for i fear not being able to see my late opah for the very last time. i was on sms with Erin my sister all the time to keep updated and also on sms with Kerol to calm me down.

and really, thank God, i reached PD just nice to join the rest to mandikan arwah. that was my first time dealing with the death of the closed ones… i tried to be strong, but once in a while i couldnt help it from breaking down into tears… i just couldnt believe my eyes that opah dah tak ada… paling sedih was seeing atuk.. atuk terkilan, coz dia cerita, that very night, arwah ajak atuk tidur skali… (atuk normally sleeps in a separate room).. and when arwah requested for that, it was still early.. about 9 pm like that.. so atuk lepak dulu depan TV, and fallen asleep without realizing it.. bile dia terjaga dalam pukul 4.15 pagi tu, dia masuk bilik, he saw opah was still lying in bed, and her hand was in the position of trying to reach the-supposedly-next-to-her atuk.. when atuk touched her hand…it was already cold.. tapi atuk kata leher arwah still warm.. but still, arwah dah takde by then.. kesian sangat tengok atuk…

nevertheless, everything went on smoothly that day. arwah selamat dikebumikan kat Tanah Perkuburan Islam Lukut after Asar. kenduri tahlil selamat diadakan 3 hari berturut2.. thanks Kerol for coming over to give a helping hand.. and thanks friends, for the heartfelt wishes...

if i were to be asked, yes, sampai sekarang terbayang2 lagi the late opah, dari mase dia terlantar sakit, sampai mase dia dah nak dikebumikan.. arwah sakit tak lama, dalam sebulan setengah macam tu kot.. and that is so.. tears triggering…

semoga arwah opah ditempatkan di tempat orang2 yang beriman.. dan semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat…


.: katil arwah, tinggal kenangan.... :.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha....

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