Monday, 11 December 2006

The one with procrastinating...

procrastinating.. or in a simple laymen term - to defer, put off, delay, drag, dilly dallying, oh well u get the idea.. i came across the article about procrastination in micpa magazine for the October issue. how, interesting. procrastinating does not mean being lazy. laziness is procrastination out of control. buy why we tend to procrastinate then? why we keep on sugar coating the consequences of our own last minute behaviors with ‘i work well under pressure’ or ‘things work out when they are done at the very last minute’ when it is obvious that we actually have no choice then? the article in the said magazine was written up in such an exceptionally perfect sense way.

huhu.. and i was dumbfounded after reading it. i really have no idea how to explain that. for i am a procrastinator myself. i dont know why. dari zaman study sampai skarang. hmm.. i'm just being human, a normal human, am i? i mean, everyone, does, procrastinate, to some extend or another... right? right.

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