Sunday, 3 December 2006

The one with the PC Fair...and my bestfriends' engagement day...

i went to PC Fair last Friday and yeay !! finally i have my own digital camera now.. well, not so much of mine alone, coz am sharing it with Kerol ---> "harta sepencarian" kekeke.. anyway, we managed to buy the camera with a good deal. i've never been to PC Fair before, never thought its quite interesting. apart from the digital camera, i also bought one mouse for my office laptop (the trackpoint on HP's laptop not as nice as IBM's one..), one FM modulator (the thing you put in the car so that you can insert thumbdrive - so cool, i dont have to worry about having to incur cost of buying a CD player for my car anymore to play songs!) and one 1Gb thumbdrive. Kerol on the other hand bought some cables for his company and he was really good at bargaining.. heheh.. favourite ayat dia nak membodek that day was "boleh laa lengluiiii..".. ceh.. kate most of them were salesgirls.. satu bende je tak sempat nak survey, external hard drive. hmm, i might be going later today..its the last day of PC Fair, hopefully i can get even a better deal. counting on Kerol's skills to bargain.. :P

the next day, i.e. yesterday, i went to Ipoh with Kerol, Oya & Karim.. my two bestfriends - Famie & Muni, were getting engaged.. i was so happy for them.. reached there at about 1pm and headed straight away to Muni's room.. Karim & Kerol waited outside of the house, lepak at the couch.. Muni was sitting in the room, so beautiful in her sweet orange+peach coloured baju kurung.. there were some other friends of mine (selain Oya) as well - Irna, Yumi & Fadzilah waited together with Muni in the room. i was so excited to see them.. hmm, i'm gona let the pictures tell the rest of the story that day..*wink*

Sampai2 jer terus gi posing with Muni in the room while waiting for the rombongan from Famie's side.

The other girls who were waiting in the room as well, from left to right: Oya, Irna, Yumi, Fadzilah, and err.. Muni's friend.. not sure the name..

Part of the hantaran from Muni's side.. they chose peach / orange as the colour theme.

Famie and his rombongan were scheduled to reach by lunch time. but due to some reasons, they reached slightly late. Kerol and Karim siap dah mabuk sirap kat luar menunggu.. hehe..

The girls kat dalam bilik pulak dah abis boring, ape lagi... berposing ler to kill the time, and also to cheer Muni's up.. This is the picture of Irna & Muni trying to give a 'natural' pose.. not badddd.. :)

Finally, sampai pun si Famie ni haa..this is the picture of all of us, after the two families closed the deal, and after sessi menyarung cincin...

Part of the hantaran from Famie's side.. so nice, they were all blue in colours.. :) and at each of the hantaran mesti ade this one blue butterfly.. so cute and beautiful..

Alhamdulillah, everything went well that day despite of some hiccups in between here and there.. biase lah, nothing is perfect and we cant please everyone kan.. so, all in all, yang penting, the two of them dah selamat dah ditunangkan (congrats!!), and insyaAllah, they will be getting married next year.. wishing them one happy and blessed relationship..

Alritey, i need to get ready to go to PC Fair...damn the traffic (both cars and people) is gona be so bad.. Sunday + PC Fair + KLCC + school holiday = bad traffic. but i really want to reap the benefits of the PC Fair.. i want to buy external hard drive.. so heck, bring it on! hehehe..

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