Friday, 15 December 2006

The one with no particular subject...

yeay its friday... :))))

and today is such a good friday to me. i’ve just finished with this one assignment which i hate it so much, and i am 3 working days away from my year end holiday! weee hooo. tahun depan sudaaah sambung kerja. :P

this year has been very hectic for me. jobs keep on coming in and each one required tight deadline. i hope next year would be much better, in the sense that i dont have to deal with such a rush assignment. i am taking exam next year (sigh!) and i need to finish 5 speeches for my company’s Toastmaster Club in order to be promoted next round (else i’ll be stucked being at the same level but responsibilities keep on building up upon me) and i need to be seconded for 6 months to audit department. gosh. why so many requirements?! oh well, this is the field i chose in the first place. life is no easy. all this requirements to be fulfilled are for my own good future. the one that i myself are uncertain with. but i should play safe. if all else fails, at least i have a cushion to support me. so i’m just gonna bear with it.

in view of the coming christmas, next week we (as in me and those close colleague friends of mine) are gonna have a christmas gift exchange session.. i’ll just consider that as a normal gift exchange session la haa. let them all have the joy of celebrating their christmas and since i am part of the community where majority of them are non-muslim, i don’t see any harm of sharing it with them. after all, we are all living in one harmony place. eceh. :P

alritey. i want to continue with work. it’s a peaceful day today. i’m able to do my own work according to my own pace and plan. no bugger. huhu… and am gona watch Eragon tonight after work with Kerol and our Gombak friends.. and the best part is, i dont have to work this weekend! yeay.

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  1. good on you, its relaxing friday for you eyh!

    I'm taking things slowly, at slow pace I mean, malas nak rush. heh.