Monday, 4 December 2006

The one with me taking a break from work...

its monday and its already 8++pm and i'm still in office...but dont get me wrong, i'm not complaining over here.. its my decision to stay back today.. its me & my work time.. need to do some catching up..

i just got back from dinner at Ampang with Kerol.. yummy, finally my cravings for the cheese naan + tandoori chicken (from the stall opposite to Ampang Point) are being satisfied.. :)

i had quite a peaceful Monday today – no Monday blues. woke up early, traffic was clear, reached office before 8.30am (and yeah why on earth there were no directors around when i’m faithfully observing the official working hours eh?) and had breakfast with my colleague Parveen and Joseph from the IT dept at the stall behind office. Joseph helped me to format my external hard drive. yeay, now i am so technology-equipped. haha.. managed to get a good one at a reasonable price yesterday. PC Fair was damn packed with people. haihhh.. baru masuk gaji dah abis ke bende2 nih ler plak.. oh well, its about time pun kan to have all this.. bukan saje2 nak membazir shopping tak tentu pasal.. (an attempt to comfort ownself).. but later i really need to watch out on my spending. am gonna start my year-end leaves soon, starting from this 21st of Dec 2006 till the first week of January 2007 (annual leaves cannot be carried forward, hence the leaves clearance).. so far i have two plans in place – going to Singapore with my high school girlfriends and going to Penang for my colleague Eddie’s wedding.. a lot of ka-ching to be put aside for that purposes.. huhu.. ini pun berkira2 untuk abiskan the MC leaves allocated for us the staff. out of the 14 days i think i’ve utilised more or less 5 – 6 days jer.. hermm.. *grin* tapi cam susah jer.. we shall see..

alritey.. i shouldnt be doing things that would defeat the purpose of my intention to stay back. gotta continue with work. signing off for now..


  1. Hi lilia, read about the cheese naan and I smiled sebab mmg tu la roti naan kat stall tu la yg paling sedap sekali kan? Hahaha..saya baru makan last Sunday.
    Take care yah!

  2. Hi adah.. :) itu lah.. sedap kan? i only eat roti naan from that stall je.. hehe.. thanks for dropping by! u too take care..

  3. sedap sangat ke? tiba tiba ngidam cheese naan plak. heh.

  4. sangat sedapppp...! u must try la abby.. :) alaa tapi u mesti malas nak drive down to KL.. camne tuuu? :P

  5. ceh.... 15 minutes journey pon malas kaaaa.... rajin sikit laa wehhhh