Wednesday, 6 December 2006

The one with me being defensive towards career advise... *uhuk*

The Career Coach section of Cleo Malaysia magazine December 2006 issue catches my attention. and as always, sharing is caring. so here goes:

Are you wasting work time? If you answer “YES” to most of the following, you need to start managing your work time more efficiently. So, do you:

1. usually talk to one or two friends on the phone when you are at work?

(me (and my defense of course): hermm.. sometimes i do.. when i am bored to death and when my stress level is building up..)

2. often have a mess of papers spread all over your desk?

(me (and my defense of course): yes, when i’m doing work. need to refer to a lot of documents laa.. but after work, nope, i am such a neat freak.. :P )

3. find that today’s “to-do” list often looks similar to yesterday’s?

(me (and my defense of course): if i were to look from a macro level, yes. providing technical advise to client in a form of report cannot be done within 1 – 2 days okey.)

4. read funny or chain-mail emails that friends send you?

(me (and my defense of course): laa..abis tu dah ade prompt message ‘you have a new email’.. but i will definitely ignore if i can tell from the title that its really a junk email)

5. often arrive at work late in the morning?

(me (and my defense of course): yes, only if i burnt the midnight oils the day before)

6. spend lots of time gossiping or joking with colleagues when you should be working?

(me (and my defense of course): yes, during lunch hours. and, err.. okey.. sometime, throughout the day via sametime (office messenger). i mean, hello, who doesn’t?)

7. often find that you arrive at meetings having had no time to prepare?

(me (and my defense of course): gile ke ape tak prepare? so yeah, no way. )

8. listen to the radio while you work?

(me (and my defense of course): yes, when i work on numbers. but when i work on write ups, nope.)

9. pick up the phone whenever it rings?

(me (and my defense of course): office phone? of course laaa.. kang tak angkat, people around mule angkat kepala sorang2 looking annoyed with a "sape punye call tu, angkat aaa" statement read on their face expression .)

10. talk to anyone who stops by your desk needing help?

(me (and my defense of course): yes. i’m a friend-in-need-is-a-friend-indeed type. lagipun dah kalau yang datang mintak tolong tuh is higher level person, takkan nak buat bodo jer kan?)

11. always end up finishing reports or work duties at the last minute, under pressure?

(me (and my defense of course): hmm, ok, it’s a yes. but hey, we are talking about the whole chain of people here. and you are part of the chain. so, how not to finish work at the last minute??)

12. feel like you have to work back way more than you should?

(me (and my defense of course): a straight no. no turning back.)

well, i am not playing a blame game here. but, i was just wondering, ade ke employee in this whole freaking world yang can answer NO to most of the above?

Alritey. i have got time management to do here :) Have a blissful wednesday!


  1. owh, boleh buat magazines trivia online la cam gini. heh.

    saya takleh buat kat blog saya. boss baca. too bad.

    btw, I listens to gossips but I have no plans of discussing them at work. somehow, I successfully detach myself from the crowd but I join them occasionally, I'm not a snob. they're nice people and I appreciate to be given such warm environment. but work is work, I like my space alone.

  2. to lia : hermm..... just wondering why must have the "and my defense of course"...... hahahahahaha. the mags are not gonna scold u for it =P

    to abby : so in a way ur saying that u do work efficiently laaa ekk abby =D
    (leh cayer ke nih.... ????)

  3. of course laa..must defense myself after answering YES to most of the questions..i'm trying to justify that I AM NOT wasting work time for nothing... ;)

  4. and yeah abby, i like time alone as well. thats y i like to stay back in office. i work better when i'm alone.. :)