Tuesday, 19 December 2006

The one with the holiday mood...

yes, i am so on holiday mood already.. huhu.. been progressing so slow with work yesterday and today.. let alone tomorrow lah kan.. haha. most of the managers are all on leaves already, so yeahhhh.. ape lagi kan.. pagi tadi masuk office kul 9 pun ade tiga org jer, itu pun tiga2 new staff.. haha.. haihhh i’m really asking for trouble lah kan. kalau keja tak siap seriously am gonna suffer next year when i come back to office. tapi nak buat cemane kan, i am just being human. a normal ones.. :P

yesterday i went to KLCC with Kerol after work. he accompanied me to survey for the christmas gift and i finally bought something, which i think quite nice.. we shall see.. *grin* tomorrow night i am gonna have a dinner at this one seafood restaurant at Damansara Perdana PJ, with my colleagues.. and we will be having the pressie exchange session as well. Kerol will be coming along since everyone elses also will bring partners. what a way of ending the working days in year 2006 huh =)

and the next day nyer, am going to Singapore already! yeay! so excited.. and worry as well. haha. worry about spending my $$$. semlm gi tukar duit pun mak aiiii, the exchange rate is RM1 to SGD2.34. *must keep in mind lilia, its all about value of money, huhu* its not like i’m going to shop at the country where the currency depreciates in value if to be compared against RM kan. so, yeah, shopping kat Malaysia lagi best. there u go, we have another pengguna yang bijak here *a pat on my back* :D oh ye, another thing that worries me, bas pukul 8 pagi laaa pulak.. haihhh bangun pagi pegi keje pun tak seawal tuh. heh. yesterday i was on the phone with Alin, we were talking about our trip to Singapore. both also worried about not being able to wake up that early. heh.

hmm, alang2 nak lunch hour nih, might as well teruskan je lah bermalas2 an kan.. *grin* so yeah, last friday i went to watch Eragon with Kerol and our Gombak friends. went to watch at MBO in Plaza Galaxie Ampang. was a nice movie, but i must say that the transition in between scenes is not as smooth. sceneries pun tak cantik sgt. kire macam far wayyyy behind from LOTR la. but all in all, was a nice movie to watch. the dragon is blue in colour! ;) sangat lah tidak relevan but if i were to do a movie review, i will definitely bring out that fact. haha.

but i have yet to watch Cicakman la.. after my trip to Singapore la jawabnyer baru dapat tengok. haihhh ade org yang tak tengok Cinta pun dah pergi tengok Cicakman tau. :P

alritey. making move for lunch now.

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