Saturday, 30 December 2006

The one with.. the Singapore trip (part 2) and the loss of my beloved opah..

*continuation from previous entry :p *

Day 4 – Harini dari pagi dah ujan.. tak sure la dari pagi ker tak, sebab bangun2 jer memang tengah hujan. heh. hmm, after everyone was all ready, we went to err, Orchard Road again coz Alin n Tazz wanted to do a little bit more of shopping.. (yup!!) and after that we went to this place called Clarke Quay. was quite a happening place i would say. in view of the Christmas Eve, they even had a live band performance there. Tazz went to try their bungee jumping (erghh kasik sejuta pun i wont take my chance.. huhu) and later Alin, Tazz and myself went for a boat tour (Dayana phobia boat2 kecik macam tuh, dia prefer cruise jer.. lol). after that we went for a nice dinner where we talked, and laughed, and we had.. more of talking and laughing :D and also had our christmas toast when the midnight strikes..

.: walaupun ujan, keluar tetap keluar… :) :.

.: inside one of the shopping mall, outside this one outlet with Dayana sementara tunggu cik Alin & cik Tazz underwent their retail theraphy session, heh :.

.: at the entrance of Clarke Quay:.

.: Tazz during the boat tour.. gambar dia bungee jumping takde.. video is too big to be attached here :.

.: Dinner on Christmas Eve :.

Day 5 – more of the go with the flow day.. masing2 sume dah pancit coz hari2 berjalan and tidur lambat. went out quite late towards the evening and the first place we went was Arab Street.. haihhhh kalau earning in SGD kain2 kat sane memang murah… sabar jer lah tengok kain2 cantik kat situ. after that, Alin, Tazz and myself went to the Night Safari without Dayana tagging along sebab dia dah pergi yang lagi challenging kat Afrika.. :) Night Safari was great, even the fact that was already my third time being there. heh, like Alin said, it’s the company that matters.. tapi the night creatures performance had to be cancelled due to the rain.. bummer.. kitorg punye lah berjaya mencelah2 throughout the crowd (coz its on the first come first served basis) and managed to get a good sitting.. tapi, takpelah kan..nak buat cemane.. nevertheless, was a great outing…

.: inside one of the shops at the Arab Street :.

.: me at the entrance of Night Safari :.

.: Cik Alin had a thing with Encik buaya darat :P :.

.: Cik Tazz berlagak dengan Encik buaya darat ;P :.

.: me berdrama queen dengan Encik buaya darat hehe :.

Went back home that night at about 11pm, close to midnight. we were supposed to have a meet up with Alin’s sis – Azera and the bf. they drove in to Singapore so we thought of passing her some of our shopping bags so that it would be easier for us to travel by bus later.. so, Azera and her bf Faliq came to Dayana’s house, and without planning, we decided to go to this one agak-famous-la-jugak shopping market, Mustaffa (nvm the name kekeke). it opens 24 hours, and since it was our final night in Singapore, we decided to give it a shot. i myself actually have already formed a bad expectation towards that place sebab the last time i passed by that place, to me it looked like none other than Mydin, packed with Indians & Bangladeshi.. huhu.. tapi Dayana and family memang promote abis2an laa tempat tuh, coz barang murah. so, Azera, Faliq, Alin, Tazz & myself went there at about 1 in the morning.. ok lah, i surrender, that place wasnt that bad.. barang murah laa gak.. tapi i was already so sleepy, so macam tak amek pusing sangat…

after that we went for a late dinner, and reached home at about 5am.

thats when i received an sms from my sister, telling me, that my beloved opah had passed away earlier at 4.15am… i was like, so broken down into pieces, that i cried and cried and cried.. and all i know was, i wanted to rush back to Port Dickson, by whatever means.

thanks to the continuous support from Dayana & family, Alin, and Tazz, i managed to catch the 8am bus from Singapore to Malacca that very morning, and when i reached there at about 1.30pm, i managed to get a cab to rush me to PD. along the way i just couldnt stop crying for i fear not being able to see my late opah for the very last time. i was on sms with Erin my sister all the time to keep updated and also on sms with Kerol to calm me down.

and really, thank God, i reached PD just nice to join the rest to mandikan arwah. that was my first time dealing with the death of the closed ones… i tried to be strong, but once in a while i couldnt help it from breaking down into tears… i just couldnt believe my eyes that opah dah tak ada… paling sedih was seeing atuk.. atuk terkilan, coz dia cerita, that very night, arwah ajak atuk tidur skali… (atuk normally sleeps in a separate room).. and when arwah requested for that, it was still early.. about 9 pm like that.. so atuk lepak dulu depan TV, and fallen asleep without realizing it.. bile dia terjaga dalam pukul 4.15 pagi tu, dia masuk bilik, he saw opah was still lying in bed, and her hand was in the position of trying to reach the-supposedly-next-to-her atuk.. when atuk touched her hand…it was already cold.. tapi atuk kata leher arwah still warm.. but still, arwah dah takde by then.. kesian sangat tengok atuk…

nevertheless, everything went on smoothly that day. arwah selamat dikebumikan kat Tanah Perkuburan Islam Lukut after Asar. kenduri tahlil selamat diadakan 3 hari berturut2.. thanks Kerol for coming over to give a helping hand.. and thanks friends, for the heartfelt wishes...

if i were to be asked, yes, sampai sekarang terbayang2 lagi the late opah, dari mase dia terlantar sakit, sampai mase dia dah nak dikebumikan.. arwah sakit tak lama, dalam sebulan setengah macam tu kot.. and that is so.. tears triggering…

semoga arwah opah ditempatkan di tempat orang2 yang beriman.. dan semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat…


.: katil arwah, tinggal kenangan.... :.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha....

Friday, 29 December 2006

The one with..the Xmas Gifts Xchange dinner & the Singapore trip (part 1)..

its 2am and i’m still awake. i’ve just finished having 5 sticks of chicken satays and two glasses of ice-cream soda.. hemm, memang takleh tido laa jawabnye. normally other people bile dah kenyang bleh tido kan, but that doesnt happen to me.

anyway, its been a week since i last updated my blog. and within that one whole week, a lot of things happened in my life. i shall start from the beginning…

20/12/2006 – Xmas Dinner

had a dinner with my colleagues at Atlantis Seafood Restaurant in Damansara Perdana. there were 16 of us; myself & Kerol, parveen & bf who just came back from China – Ryan, Jean, Ruben, Eddie & wife Siew Shan, Adrian & gf Phoebe, Joe Boy & gf (cant remember the name), Kristy, Angela, Jasmine, and Patricia. poor thing Joanne couldnt join us due to work requirement. anyhow, we went there after work and i cant really remember exactly what we had, but it was such a great selection of seafood dishes, reasonably priced. after ourselves were really stuffed with good food, we started to come out with ideas on how the xmas gift xchange thing should be done. in the end we agreed to draw lots. we put in names in a bowl and started to pass around. funny thing was everyone was like wishing and hoping that they wont get Jean’s pressie because initially she didnt want to participate but decided to bring something in the end. she was like walking around during the office hour earlier the day and showing off to people how proud she was being able to buy ‘something’ at the very last minute and all of us was sort of can tell that the ‘something’ looked rather some kind of junky stuff. haha. and Parveen, being the ‘lucky’ ones, picked Jean’s name not only once, but twice!! haha.. and as guessed, it was few packs of fragranced condoms. lol. nevertheless, it was such a great dinner..

.: tak sempat nak tangkap gambar the food before being eaten. tau2 jer dah after. heh. :.

.: Kerol and the yummy crab :.

.: Joe Boy tengah picking names :.

.: Parveen kecewa dapat hadiah Jean.. :D :.

.: I myself got a nice mug from Angela ;) :.

21/12/2006 till 26/12/2006 – trip to Singapore with my girlfriends :))))

there was a saying, “old friends remind of who you were once, and new friends bring out the hidden you..” To me, these girlfriends of mine fit both categories ;) Alin, Dayana, and Tazz were my friends when we had our form 1 to 3 education in mrsm Terendak. i then left for mrsm Taiping and hence ever since parted with them physically but somehow, someway, or another; we are still close at heart. i guess the teen life we explored together once binding us really tight, and i am so glad that we can still click despite of the different hectic life we lead and live in.

Dayana’s parents are working in Singapore (read: means they have a place to stay there *wink*), so setelah sekian lama omong2 kosong, finally we managed to merealisasikan the plan to go Singapore. some others cant make it, so it was down to Alin, Tazz and myself. Dayana was already there since the start of the school holiday, so three of us joined her later.

hmm, its gonna be one whole freaking long entry, i’ll try to make it short and simple.. ;P

Day 1 - Alin & myself went there first on the 21st December coz Tazz was only manage to get her leaves approved starting 22nd December onwards. Alin & myself departed from Corus Hotel at Jalan Ampang by bus as early as 8 in the morning and reached Singapore at about 1 pm. Dayana was already there waiting for us. we were like so excited seeing each other like we’ve never met before. heh. punyalah susah nak gather in KL, alih2 kat Singapore jugak berjumpe. :) Dayana brought us to her (damn nice & big) house and we settled down. not long after that, Dayana’s mom asked us to join for lunch, and after that, without even getting ourselves changed, tanpa berlengah lagi, to Orchard Road we went! hari first jer dah (ter) shopping. haihhhh… :P we went in and out of one shopping mall after another and went back only at almost midnight. Orchard Road had such a nice view at night. penuh ngan christmas trees and bling bling lightings. kire cam happening jugak laa.. we chatted until 4 in the morning before going out to pick Tazz at the bus station.
.: me & Dayana :.

.: Alin & Dayana towards the end of the day – penat tapi happy :.

.: ‘hasil tangkapan’ hari pertama :P :.

Day 2 – Hari kedua we went to the Orchard Road (yup again!). kali ni hasil tangkapan laaaagi banyak. uwaaa!! i tried to control tapi nak wat cemane kan, dah rezeki… *eceh* even hujan pun (yup, kat Singapore pun ujan.. bummer) tak mampu nak prevent us from going 'tawaf' the whole stretch of Orchard Road :P

.: Dayana yang tak plan nak shopping pun TERshopping :.

.: ‘rezeki’ hari kedua lol :.

.: me & Tazz in front of one of the many christmas trees :.

Day 3 – we went to Sentosa Island! was such a tiring day, yet a memorable ones. hemm, i guess i’ll just let the pictures say it all… :P

.: posing while waiting for our turn to hop into the cable car that’s gonna bring us to the Sentosa Island :.

.: Alin & myself in the cable car. me sebenarnye tengah kontrol jer muke tuh… huhu… scared of height laaa. gayat! :.

.: first stop – Underwater World :.

.: second stop – Cinemania. mase ni tengah beratur. ramai giler manusia, kate school holiday and it was Saturday some more. tapi its really worth queuing. best! :.

.: third stop – skyrides. again, was such a thrill (scary) experience for me.. huhu :.

.: forth stop – dolphin lagoon. ade dolphins show and Tazz was lucky enough to be called upon out of the crowd and got the chance to spend some time with the dolphin. yang kiss Tazz tu name dia Splash. awwww :.

.: sixth stop – Siloso beach. before that we actually went to the Trapeze place, Tazz nak try. but unfortunately she didnt get her shot for she was all wet after spending time with Splash. next time yea Tazzm :) :.

.: seventh stop – 4D virtual reality cinema :.

.: eighth stop – the Merlion place (half mermaid & half lion, tapi tak sempat nak kaji plak the history behind it). susah giler nak setting camera at night to get a nice shot :.

.: ninth stop – musical fountain show.. hermm time ni pun susah nak get a nice shot :.

it was already late when we left Sentosa Island. itu pun tak sume tempat kitorg cover. well, at least next time datang tau la nak timing betul2 kan. anyway after that we went to Esplanade, took some more pictures, before having a late dinner at the restaurant near Dayana’s house…


*to be continued then* ;)

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

The one with the normal wednesday, but feels like its friday.. :P

i draw this picture for Kerol this morning (*wink*), but for public purposes, i modified this a bit.. :P

i'm sharing my love with the people around me - my family, my significant other, and my friends..of which i'm receiving the loves from these people in return as well :) may all of us living a happy life, and will always be blessed...

the year 2006 is coming to an end soon, and comes to us the year 2007. we've seen the passing of another year. for many it's been filled with pain and tears. but there have been times in this past year, that certain events have brought us cheer. may the coming year be full of hope, and may we be given the strength to cope.

merry christmas, selamat hari raya haji & happy new year!

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

The one with...and old friend of mine..

earlier today i received an sms from Ashra, my high school friend. i was puzzled when she told me that our friend, Fadzli @ Bulu passed away today from an accident. a motorcycle accident. innalillah…

like i said, i was so mystified to receive such a news. Fadzli used to be my friend when we studied in mrsm Terendak way back in 1995. we were friends due to the fact that he was (then) one of my bestfriend, Hud’s boyfriend. we were not so close, but sometimes during semester break, we did hang out at the national library with some other friends of ours as well. and sometimes he would call me to talk about Hud. he was in fact already so much involved in the motorbike racing and all at such a very young age, and had few experiences in motorbike accident too. *sigh*

and we lost contact when i moved to mrsm Taiping in 1998, and he himself didnt continue his studies in mrsm. cant remember also when he actually broke up with Hud. but then once in a blue moon, he’d still call me when i was in uitm. and i did see him in a very few occasions held for us Terendakians. i think the last time he called me was some time before Raya this year, he was asking me about the raya sale held in KL. i didnt really entertain his call for it was made during office hour and i was in fact at the client’s office. he continued with the sms. we ended after 3 – 4 smses. and apparently, that was the last time i ever heard from him…

semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat. Al-Fatihah...

The one with the holiday mood...

yes, i am so on holiday mood already.. huhu.. been progressing so slow with work yesterday and today.. let alone tomorrow lah kan.. haha. most of the managers are all on leaves already, so yeahhhh.. ape lagi kan.. pagi tadi masuk office kul 9 pun ade tiga org jer, itu pun tiga2 new staff.. haha.. haihhh i’m really asking for trouble lah kan. kalau keja tak siap seriously am gonna suffer next year when i come back to office. tapi nak buat cemane kan, i am just being human. a normal ones.. :P

yesterday i went to KLCC with Kerol after work. he accompanied me to survey for the christmas gift and i finally bought something, which i think quite nice.. we shall see.. *grin* tomorrow night i am gonna have a dinner at this one seafood restaurant at Damansara Perdana PJ, with my colleagues.. and we will be having the pressie exchange session as well. Kerol will be coming along since everyone elses also will bring partners. what a way of ending the working days in year 2006 huh =)

and the next day nyer, am going to Singapore already! yeay! so excited.. and worry as well. haha. worry about spending my $$$. semlm gi tukar duit pun mak aiiii, the exchange rate is RM1 to SGD2.34. *must keep in mind lilia, its all about value of money, huhu* its not like i’m going to shop at the country where the currency depreciates in value if to be compared against RM kan. so, yeah, shopping kat Malaysia lagi best. there u go, we have another pengguna yang bijak here *a pat on my back* :D oh ye, another thing that worries me, bas pukul 8 pagi laaa pulak.. haihhh bangun pagi pegi keje pun tak seawal tuh. heh. yesterday i was on the phone with Alin, we were talking about our trip to Singapore. both also worried about not being able to wake up that early. heh.

hmm, alang2 nak lunch hour nih, might as well teruskan je lah bermalas2 an kan.. *grin* so yeah, last friday i went to watch Eragon with Kerol and our Gombak friends. went to watch at MBO in Plaza Galaxie Ampang. was a nice movie, but i must say that the transition in between scenes is not as smooth. sceneries pun tak cantik sgt. kire macam far wayyyy behind from LOTR la. but all in all, was a nice movie to watch. the dragon is blue in colour! ;) sangat lah tidak relevan but if i were to do a movie review, i will definitely bring out that fact. haha.

but i have yet to watch Cicakman la.. after my trip to Singapore la jawabnyer baru dapat tengok. haihhh ade org yang tak tengok Cinta pun dah pergi tengok Cicakman tau. :P

alritey. making move for lunch now.

Sunday, 17 December 2006

The one with a dull weekend..

Kenapa ada derita..
Bila bahagia tercipta..

Kenapa ada sang hitam..
Bila putih menyenangkan...

-Berhenti Berharap by Sheila On 7-

sigh. what a weekend. i guess what goes up must comes down.

enough said.

Friday, 15 December 2006

The one with the very first song dedicated to him...

Two very different people
Too scared to get along
Till two hearts meet together
Underneath one sun

One very special moment
Can turn a destiny
And what some would say
Could never change
Has changed for you and me

Cause its all in the way you look through your eyes
And when all is said and done
All of the fear and all of the lies
Are not hard to overcome
It's all in the way you look at it
That makes you strong
We were two (we were two)
Now we are one

We are two very different people
So much to overcome
So why care for one another
When there's so much to be done

'Cause sometimes it's necessary
Just look how far we've come
You could say my friend that it's the end
Or a new tale has begun

'Cause its all in the way you look through your eyes
And when all is said and done
All of the fear and all of the lies are not hard to overcome
It's all in the way you look at it
That makes you strong
We were two (we were two)
Now we are one

And one moment in time
Is all the time we need
Just to make a difference
To make it better for you and me
If you just believe
Oh yeah
Just open your eyes

'Cause its all in the way you look through your eyes
And when all is said and done
All of the fear and all of the lies are not hard to overcome
It's all in the way you look at it
That makes you strong
We were two (we were two)
Now we are one

-We are one by Westlife-

huhuuu i am a person who is against PDA (Public Display of Affection), but heck..sometimes u just have to break the rules.. :P (Oya is so gona vommit blood..haha)

anyway, hmm mase i dedicated the above song to him, we were still friends, a normal friendship like anyone has, who met over friendster in early 2005 after almost 12 years of no contact. we were in the same primary school last time, standard 1 till standard 4. i moved to Kuantan then and we lost touch. heh. funny. but yeah thats how we met.

the life path of two people crossed when all they were looking for was companionship. a plain companionship, not even close to a friendship. for both of them had been through such a rough love life before. it was like the word love has been completely omitted from their life dictionary.

we started of by spending time together after work after 2 months of contact via friendster and sms. within that 2 months we’ve met twice i think – the first one was a dinner at NZ and the second one was a dinner at Hartamas & a night out at Putrajaya afterwards.

life is never a clear and smooth journey, we had our fair share of bumpy roads during the initial stage. he and his own unsettled issues, and me with mine. love really does happen when you least expect it. i guess that says it all about us. we used to spend hours after work at the klcc park doing nothing but just sitting and staring at the fountain. we were like drowned in our own world and too occupied with our own flow of thoughts. its like we were so comfortable with each other even at time of silence. and when we started to open up to each other, we noticed that we had a lot in common. and the more we share, the more we care. from being so ignorant and cold to each other, the feelings started to evolve. but because of our own issue and history, we lived in denial. we challenged our own feelings. we doubted the progress that took place on its own between us. our minds questioned our hearts, and our hearts rejected all sorts of underlying and surrounding reasons. we were like too scared to fall in love. especially me.

but he took the brave steps by letting it out. and yeah i freaked out. and so did he. but we agreed to take things slow. we agreed to go with the flow. after 1 year of friendship, we couldnt agree more, that we were so comfortable with each other that we need each other in life. he completes the imperfect me, and so am i to him. we made a complete puzzle out of the pieces of the broken heart of ours.

and the rest they said, is history... :)

we had our own ups and downs, of course. but i must admit, what he always say is true, that the ups superseded the downs, so lets cherish the ups, and learn from the downs. we are still learning to know each other. to understand each other better. hoping for a smooth journey of love life, in so many years to come, and more.

everyone has their own love story, can you identify yours? because i can.. :)

The one with no particular subject...

yeay its friday... :))))

and today is such a good friday to me. i’ve just finished with this one assignment which i hate it so much, and i am 3 working days away from my year end holiday! weee hooo. tahun depan sudaaah sambung kerja. :P

this year has been very hectic for me. jobs keep on coming in and each one required tight deadline. i hope next year would be much better, in the sense that i dont have to deal with such a rush assignment. i am taking exam next year (sigh!) and i need to finish 5 speeches for my company’s Toastmaster Club in order to be promoted next round (else i’ll be stucked being at the same level but responsibilities keep on building up upon me) and i need to be seconded for 6 months to audit department. gosh. why so many requirements?! oh well, this is the field i chose in the first place. life is no easy. all this requirements to be fulfilled are for my own good future. the one that i myself are uncertain with. but i should play safe. if all else fails, at least i have a cushion to support me. so i’m just gonna bear with it.

in view of the coming christmas, next week we (as in me and those close colleague friends of mine) are gonna have a christmas gift exchange session.. i’ll just consider that as a normal gift exchange session la haa. let them all have the joy of celebrating their christmas and since i am part of the community where majority of them are non-muslim, i don’t see any harm of sharing it with them. after all, we are all living in one harmony place. eceh. :P

alritey. i want to continue with work. it’s a peaceful day today. i’m able to do my own work according to my own pace and plan. no bugger. huhu… and am gona watch Eragon tonight after work with Kerol and our Gombak friends.. and the best part is, i dont have to work this weekend! yeay.

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

The one with mama the (best) babysitter... :)

erghh penatnyer...seharian tengok numbers sampai contact lense nak terkeluar2 dah ni... huhu.. am taking a break now while waiting for Kerol.. he's on his way to come to my office - gonna go for a quick dinner before coming back to office again... haihhh.. what to do..minggu depan dah nak start cuti.. no pain no gain aite.. *counting days* huhu..

anyway, berbalik kepada tajuk utama. apart from being an excellent housewife, my mom looks after some babies too. she babysits neighbours' kids. selalunye the max yang mama jage is 3 - 4 babies, ranging from few months old to 8 yrs old. it depends. mama normally agrees to babysit if the parent sends their baby when she / he is still few months old. mama kate, its easier coz the baby hasnt started to develop certain behaviours yet. so kira macam senang nak bentuk la.

the first baby yang mama ever taken care of was Firdaus, whose family lives on the same street as mine. it was way back in 2000 or 2001 i think. and now Firdaus is already in his standard 2. he’s the only kid yang sampai skang mama jaga, dari kecik sampai la dah umur 8 tahun dah. yang lain2 tuh bile dah reach certain age je, the parent decided that they can take care on their own. or ade jugak yang sebab dah pindah rumah jauh from ours.

anyway when Firdaus was about 1 yrs old or so, dah memang rezeki mama, our just next door neighbour dapat baby boy, Anuar. so Firdaus ade geng baru. Anuar ni tersangat laa comel and naughty. oh well, biase lah kan, budak2. tapi Anuar stayed tak lame, coz when he’s about 2 yrs old mcm tuh, his parent moved out to mane ntah, Ampang Height kot.

but then at the same time Abu came into the picture. yup, u got it right. the name’s Abu. to be exact, Abu Dzar. tapi kitorg panggil Abu je. his family lives on the road perpendicular to ours. Abu ni mase kecik comel jer, tapi kuat nangis. so, that was the time rumah macam meriah jugak la. ade Firdaus, Anuar and Abu, each one at a different age stage. bile Anuar dah takde, tinggal la Firdaus and Abu jer. tapi nenek Anuar is staying 2 houses away from ours, so once in a while we still get to see him especially time raya or cuti skolah.

and tak lame lepas tuh, datang pulak Haikal. haihhh dah memang fated mama asyik jage baby boy jer. hehe.. dah puas jage kitorg 3 beradik pompuan kot. :P Haikal ni even umur mase tuh bape bulan ntah tapi tembam giler. comel sangat! mata sepet, rambut cacak2. tapi tu lah, dia pun tak lame, tak sampai bape bulan je kot, pastu diorg pindah umah..

so it was back to Firdaus and Abu. Firdaus dah started to go to kindergarten, and Abu pun dah tak nangis dah. tapi Abu ni macam pendiam sket, so cam tak syok main ngan dia. hehe. and not long after that, datang la Alif Mustaqim a.k.a Alip. he was so cute !! same macam Haikal jugak, tembam2, mate sepet and rambut cacak2. Alip mase kecik dulu cam takde la besar sangat, tapi memang leh nampak beza dia dari kecik sampai la skang dah umur 2 tahun lebih. Alip ni the comel-est. macam Sin Chan! hehe.

bila Abu dah besar sket, the mother stopped sending him to our house, for there came Abu jr. hehe, serious! Abu dapat adik baru, Abu ape ntah name dia. tapi panggil Abu jugak. and memang in their family kot, Abu jr. ni asyik nangis jer. maybe kat umah dia ramai org (adik beradik dia 9 orang), so dia agaknye biase kene dukung and dilayan kot.

so to date, ade Firdaus, Alip and Abu jr. Firdaus jarang dah duduk umah coz pagi dia pegi skolah kebangsaan, petang dia pegi skolah agama. so its like our house is for him to get change and have his meal. and last week, mama cakap our neighbour next door was asking on behalf of his sister, as to whether mama leh accept lagi sorang ke tak starting next year. mama cakap should be ok, since Abu jr. pun dah nak masuk 1 yrs old. and guess what, its gonna be another baby boy! haha. oh well, my favourite is still Alip.. :) soooo cute and cheeky!

Pic 1 - Alip mase kecik

Pic 2 - Firdaus mase kecik jugak

Pic 3- latest pic of Firdaus and Alip

Pic 4 - more of Alip :)

Pic 5 - and more..

Pic 6 - and more...hehe

Pic 7 - yes, he is so undeniably cute.

hmm, gambar yang lain2 takde dalam collection. sebab mase tu takde camera phone. so gambar sume kat dalam album hard copies.

okie dokie. thats all for now.. :)

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

The one with...expectation..

there's a saying, 'expect the unexpected'.. and there's also a saying, 'try to live without expectation'.. and i personally say, ‘what is life without expectation’.. to me, as much as we try to live without any expectation, the expectation itself is built up on its own out of our conscious mind.. we tend to have expectation when we go through a series of trend / pattern.. i.e. when we are so used with something and we get too complacent with that certain something. being human, we are easily being drawn to the safety and comfort of the familiar surroundings. senang kate, expectation is formed naturally kalau dah ade routine. for example, kalau dah memang tiap2 hari pukul 8.30am mesti ade orang ajak pergi breakfast , so pagi tu kalau lapar cemane pun dalam mind mesti dah terpikir ‘takpe.. jap gi ade laa tu orang ajak pergi breakfast’.. or, another example, it is a society norm that by the time we reach certain age we should already have achieved certain something. automatically we will have that pressure to meet that expectation when the time comes.

so in a way, to expect is human.

but, the twist behind expectation is, do we expect realistically? because, if we don’t, that’s when an unmatched expectation leads to frustration, giving rise to the emotion of disappointment. i mean, of course, if something happens without us expecting for it also can be a total surprise. so it can lead to both sides of emotions.

question is, how to expect realistically? after all, life is full of uncertainties. can some common sense kicks in the chain of thought when we deal with expectation? i don’t know. coz its too subjective. its up to individual. it depends on situation.

things happen when we least expect for it. is it true? could be a yes. could be a no also. there’s a lot of arguments surrounding this one simple statement. so am gonna leave that as an open ended statement. (malas nk elaborate dah sebenarnyer.. hehehe :P )

some quotes regarding ‘expectation’ i found on the net:

Abraham Lincoln: The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.

William Congreve: Uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life.

Earl Nightingale: We tend to live up to our expectations.

Claude M. Bristol: We usually get what we anticipate.

Brian Tracy: We will always tend to fulfill our own expectation of ourselves.

Viktor E. Frankl: What was really needed was a fundamental change in our attitude toward life. We had to learn ourselves and, furthermore, we had to teach the despairing men, that it did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us.

Benjamin Disraeli: What we anticipate seldom occurs, what we least expected generally happens.

John Lubbock: What we see depends mainly on what we look for.

Brian Tracy: Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy.

Michael Jordan: You have to expect things of yourselves before you can do them.

Brian Tracy: Your attitude is an expression of your values, beliefs and expectations.

Henry Ward Beecher: Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Never pity yourself. Be a hard master to yourself - and be lenient to everybody else.

Norman Vincent Peale: If you paint in your mind a picture of bright and happy expectations, you put yourself into a condition conducive to your goal.

Abraham Maslow: If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.

Horace: Life is largely a matter of expectation.

Katherine Hepburn: Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get – only what you are expecting to give.

my personal belief? go on moderation. i always fear of putting high expectation out of my own life. for i fear of falling. for i am scared of high place. for i fear of falling from a high place. and being left alone at the bottom.

Monday, 11 December 2006

The one with procrastinating...

procrastinating.. or in a simple laymen term - to defer, put off, delay, drag, dilly dallying, oh well u get the idea.. i came across the article about procrastination in micpa magazine for the October issue. how, interesting. procrastinating does not mean being lazy. laziness is procrastination out of control. buy why we tend to procrastinate then? why we keep on sugar coating the consequences of our own last minute behaviors with ‘i work well under pressure’ or ‘things work out when they are done at the very last minute’ when it is obvious that we actually have no choice then? the article in the said magazine was written up in such an exceptionally perfect sense way.

huhu.. and i was dumbfounded after reading it. i really have no idea how to explain that. for i am a procrastinator myself. i dont know why. dari zaman study sampai skarang. hmm.. i'm just being human, a normal human, am i? i mean, everyone, does, procrastinate, to some extend or another... right? right.

Sunday, 10 December 2006

The one with that one particular moment...

yesterday i went back to PD to visit opah with my mom and my brother.. my the traffic was so very teramat highly congested! bayangkan, bertolak dalam kul 11am mcm tuh only to reach PD at about 3pm. what da.. anyhow, opah was in a stable condition, despite looking very pale and weak.. she's getting thinner.. sedih tengok keadaan opah. she barely can move. but she could still talk clearly. so when i reached there, i sat by her, and gave her a rub at her forehead while engaging in some brief conversation. she fell asleep within 15 minits, so i left her to get some sleep as well. got a bit tired from the not-suppose-to-be long journey. when i woke up at 4.30pm later in the evening, i went to her room once again. she just finished being bathed. again i sat by her, and she wanted her hand to be held. so i put her hand in mine, and we talked. again, within half an hour time she fell asleep. maybe she was feeling too comfortable. it was raining outside, and she just got bathed. i tucked her into the blanket and switched off the light. and we left for KL at about 6pm.

that was one hell of a good moment i had. i hope opah can tell that this grandchild of hers, really loves her so much… may she always be in Allah’s care and His bless..

Friday, 8 December 2006

The one with this concern of mine..

its 3pm and its raining outside.. i was doing this market research to support my financial analysis and its so difficult to find information on food emulsifiers (the industry my current client is operating in) until i decided to take a break.. i went for lunch with my colleague Joanne at Secret Recipe just now and we had this really good conversation.. its this thing about life, about love and relationship for that matter..

i shared with her how i always have this thought about the way i find its hard to express my feelings towards my loved ones.. especially family. as much as i’m close to mom, i find its hard to say that i love her and let her know that whatever i do, she’s always be put as top priority…as much as i’m having a good relationship with my siblings, i find it difficult to let them know that this eldest sister of theirs do really care.. as much as i’m physically and emotionally distant from dad, i find it almost impossible to utter the word love, let alone letting him know that i do concern about him.. as much as i’m aware that my grandparents love me so much, to the point my siblings used to get jealous by the attention opah and atuk showered me when i was a kid for i am their first grandchild, i find that i always fail to show that i am physically & emotionally care for them.. i just, dont know how to. i dont know about other people. but apparently Joanne is of the same view as mine. the same chain of thought to some extend. that gives me a bit of comfort though.

and as much as i am not being expressive enough, my action cant compensate that either.. i mean, i'm giving my best i could. tapi rase macam tak cukup. AND as much as i’m aware of all this, i still cant bring myself into being such an expressive person. one thing for sure, i know i am good with words when it comes to writings. i’m more than able to let my feelings out towards these important people in my life when it comes to sms-es, emails, cards, etc. but, i know, action is louder that words. *sigh* therefore this has been an increasing concern of mine. especially with opah and atuk getting older and older now they are so weak and start to be in a poor health state. is it because the way the family is brought up that i become like this? or is it me? and i am a self proclaimed sensitive and emotional. but why cant i express myself with action and words out loud? why its all limited to texts....?

and just how odds things can be, I suddenly received a forwarded email containing this:

I ran into stranger when he passed by,
“Oh excuse me please” was my reply.

He said, “Please excuse me too;
I wasn’t watching for you.”

We were very polite, this stranger and I.
We went on our way and we said goodbye.

But at home a different story is told,
How we treat our loved ones, young and old.

Later that day, cooking the evening meal,
My son stood beside me very still.

When I turned, I nearly knocked him down.
"Move out of the way," I said with a frown.

He walked away, his little heart broken.
I didn't realize how harshly I'd spoken.

While I lay awake in bed,
God's still small voice came to me and said,

"While dealing with a stranger,
common courtesy you use,
but the family you love, you seem to abuse.

Go and look on the kitchen floor,
You'll find some flowers there by the door.

Those are the flowers he brought for you.
He picked them himself: pink, yellow and blue.

He stood very quietly not to spoil the surprise,
you never saw the tears that filled his little eyes."

By this time, I felt very small,
And now my tears began to fall.

I quietly went and knelt by his bed;
"Wake up, little one, wake up," I said.

"Are these the flowers you picked for me?"
He smiled, "I found 'em, out by the tree.

I picked 'em because they're pretty like you.
I knew you'd like 'em, especially the blue."

I said, "Son, I'm very sorry for the way I acted today;
I shouldn't have yelled at you that way."
He said, "Oh, Mom, that's okay.
I love you anyway."

I said, "Son, I love you too,
and I do like the flowers, especially the blue."

Are you aware that if we died tomorrow, the company
that we are working for could easily replace us in
a matter of days.
But the family we left behind will feel the loss
for the rest of their lives.

And come to think of it, we pour ourselves more
into work than into our own family,
an unwise investment indeed,
don't you think?

So what is behind the story?

the above really gave me goosebumps.. *sigh* and that reminds me of this one quote from the movie Cinta that goes:

"kadang2 orang yang paling kita sayang lah, yang susah untuk kita sayang....".

i know i am learning to be more expressive, very hard. its very difficult but i just hope that its never too late.. and i'm counting on a mutual understanding from these people, that i do, and i mean i really2 do, love them and care about them so much.....and the same goes to my other loved ones - friends and the other half...

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

The one with me being defensive towards career advise... *uhuk*

The Career Coach section of Cleo Malaysia magazine December 2006 issue catches my attention. and as always, sharing is caring. so here goes:

Are you wasting work time? If you answer “YES” to most of the following, you need to start managing your work time more efficiently. So, do you:

1. usually talk to one or two friends on the phone when you are at work?

(me (and my defense of course): hermm.. sometimes i do.. when i am bored to death and when my stress level is building up..)

2. often have a mess of papers spread all over your desk?

(me (and my defense of course): yes, when i’m doing work. need to refer to a lot of documents laa.. but after work, nope, i am such a neat freak.. :P )

3. find that today’s “to-do” list often looks similar to yesterday’s?

(me (and my defense of course): if i were to look from a macro level, yes. providing technical advise to client in a form of report cannot be done within 1 – 2 days okey.)

4. read funny or chain-mail emails that friends send you?

(me (and my defense of course): laa..abis tu dah ade prompt message ‘you have a new email’.. but i will definitely ignore if i can tell from the title that its really a junk email)

5. often arrive at work late in the morning?

(me (and my defense of course): yes, only if i burnt the midnight oils the day before)

6. spend lots of time gossiping or joking with colleagues when you should be working?

(me (and my defense of course): yes, during lunch hours. and, err.. okey.. sometime, throughout the day via sametime (office messenger). i mean, hello, who doesn’t?)

7. often find that you arrive at meetings having had no time to prepare?

(me (and my defense of course): gile ke ape tak prepare? so yeah, no way. )

8. listen to the radio while you work?

(me (and my defense of course): yes, when i work on numbers. but when i work on write ups, nope.)

9. pick up the phone whenever it rings?

(me (and my defense of course): office phone? of course laaa.. kang tak angkat, people around mule angkat kepala sorang2 looking annoyed with a "sape punye call tu, angkat aaa" statement read on their face expression .)

10. talk to anyone who stops by your desk needing help?

(me (and my defense of course): yes. i’m a friend-in-need-is-a-friend-indeed type. lagipun dah kalau yang datang mintak tolong tuh is higher level person, takkan nak buat bodo jer kan?)

11. always end up finishing reports or work duties at the last minute, under pressure?

(me (and my defense of course): hmm, ok, it’s a yes. but hey, we are talking about the whole chain of people here. and you are part of the chain. so, how not to finish work at the last minute??)

12. feel like you have to work back way more than you should?

(me (and my defense of course): a straight no. no turning back.)

well, i am not playing a blame game here. but, i was just wondering, ade ke employee in this whole freaking world yang can answer NO to most of the above?

Alritey. i have got time management to do here :) Have a blissful wednesday!

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

The one with me being a good employee today... :P

i feel so good today - managed to accomplish my to-do list. erghh so tired now. having a neck pain and backache after long hours spent sitting at my work place. eyes are also so annoyingly dry now due to extensive hours spent staring at the laptop screen. i was working on numbers today - i love numbers. there's no way i could move when i'm working on numbers unless they are all balanced / reconciled / make sense.. :)

now its almost 6pm and i’m all out. waiting for Kerol to come over to my office. we are going to One Utama after this to watch movie.

okie dokie. gotta go and pack my things. hopefully tomorrow is gonna be another productive day for me. there wont be so many people in office (including she-who-must-not-be-named here), which means less distraction. *wink* alritey, calling the day off now.

Monday, 4 December 2006

The one with me taking a break from work...

its monday and its already 8++pm and i'm still in office...but dont get me wrong, i'm not complaining over here.. its my decision to stay back today.. its me & my work time.. need to do some catching up..

i just got back from dinner at Ampang with Kerol.. yummy, finally my cravings for the cheese naan + tandoori chicken (from the stall opposite to Ampang Point) are being satisfied.. :)

i had quite a peaceful Monday today – no Monday blues. woke up early, traffic was clear, reached office before 8.30am (and yeah why on earth there were no directors around when i’m faithfully observing the official working hours eh?) and had breakfast with my colleague Parveen and Joseph from the IT dept at the stall behind office. Joseph helped me to format my external hard drive. yeay, now i am so technology-equipped. haha.. managed to get a good one at a reasonable price yesterday. PC Fair was damn packed with people. haihhh.. baru masuk gaji dah abis ke bende2 nih ler plak.. oh well, its about time pun kan to have all this.. bukan saje2 nak membazir shopping tak tentu pasal.. (an attempt to comfort ownself).. but later i really need to watch out on my spending. am gonna start my year-end leaves soon, starting from this 21st of Dec 2006 till the first week of January 2007 (annual leaves cannot be carried forward, hence the leaves clearance).. so far i have two plans in place – going to Singapore with my high school girlfriends and going to Penang for my colleague Eddie’s wedding.. a lot of ka-ching to be put aside for that purposes.. huhu.. ini pun berkira2 untuk abiskan the MC leaves allocated for us the staff. out of the 14 days i think i’ve utilised more or less 5 – 6 days jer.. hermm.. *grin* tapi cam susah jer.. we shall see..

alritey.. i shouldnt be doing things that would defeat the purpose of my intention to stay back. gotta continue with work. signing off for now..

Sunday, 3 December 2006

The one with the PC Fair...and my bestfriends' engagement day...

i went to PC Fair last Friday and yeay !! finally i have my own digital camera now.. well, not so much of mine alone, coz am sharing it with Kerol ---> "harta sepencarian" kekeke.. anyway, we managed to buy the camera with a good deal. i've never been to PC Fair before, never thought its quite interesting. apart from the digital camera, i also bought one mouse for my office laptop (the trackpoint on HP's laptop not as nice as IBM's one..), one FM modulator (the thing you put in the car so that you can insert thumbdrive - so cool, i dont have to worry about having to incur cost of buying a CD player for my car anymore to play songs!) and one 1Gb thumbdrive. Kerol on the other hand bought some cables for his company and he was really good at bargaining.. heheh.. favourite ayat dia nak membodek that day was "boleh laa lengluiiii..".. ceh.. kate most of them were salesgirls.. satu bende je tak sempat nak survey, external hard drive. hmm, i might be going later today..its the last day of PC Fair, hopefully i can get even a better deal. counting on Kerol's skills to bargain.. :P

the next day, i.e. yesterday, i went to Ipoh with Kerol, Oya & Karim.. my two bestfriends - Famie & Muni, were getting engaged.. i was so happy for them.. reached there at about 1pm and headed straight away to Muni's room.. Karim & Kerol waited outside of the house, lepak at the couch.. Muni was sitting in the room, so beautiful in her sweet orange+peach coloured baju kurung.. there were some other friends of mine (selain Oya) as well - Irna, Yumi & Fadzilah waited together with Muni in the room. i was so excited to see them.. hmm, i'm gona let the pictures tell the rest of the story that day..*wink*

Sampai2 jer terus gi posing with Muni in the room while waiting for the rombongan from Famie's side.

The other girls who were waiting in the room as well, from left to right: Oya, Irna, Yumi, Fadzilah, and err.. Muni's friend.. not sure the name..

Part of the hantaran from Muni's side.. they chose peach / orange as the colour theme.

Famie and his rombongan were scheduled to reach by lunch time. but due to some reasons, they reached slightly late. Kerol and Karim siap dah mabuk sirap kat luar menunggu.. hehe..

The girls kat dalam bilik pulak dah abis boring, ape lagi... berposing ler to kill the time, and also to cheer Muni's up.. This is the picture of Irna & Muni trying to give a 'natural' pose.. not badddd.. :)

Finally, sampai pun si Famie ni haa..this is the picture of all of us, after the two families closed the deal, and after sessi menyarung cincin...

Part of the hantaran from Famie's side.. so nice, they were all blue in colours.. :) and at each of the hantaran mesti ade this one blue butterfly.. so cute and beautiful..

Alhamdulillah, everything went well that day despite of some hiccups in between here and there.. biase lah, nothing is perfect and we cant please everyone kan.. so, all in all, yang penting, the two of them dah selamat dah ditunangkan (congrats!!), and insyaAllah, they will be getting married next year.. wishing them one happy and blessed relationship..

Alritey, i need to get ready to go to PC Fair...damn the traffic (both cars and people) is gona be so bad.. Sunday + PC Fair + KLCC + school holiday = bad traffic. but i really want to reap the benefits of the PC Fair.. i want to buy external hard drive.. so heck, bring it on! hehehe..

Friday, 1 December 2006

The one with the wacky friday, that is..

To the beat of my
To the beat of my
To the beat of my heart

I'm thinking about,
Letting it out.
I wanna give in,
I wanna go out.
Been looking around
I've finally found,
The rhythm of love,
The feeling of sound.

It's making a change,
The feeling is strange.
It's coming right back.
Right back in my range.
Not worried about anything else,
I'm waking up

To the beat of my,
To the beat of my,
To the beat of my heart.

The beat of my heart,
The beat of my heart,
The beat of my heart,
It tears us apart.
The beat of my heart,
The beat of my heart,
The beat of my heart,
Now I'm back to the start.
To the beat of my,
To the beat of my,
To the beat of my heart,

I'm up from my down.
I turn it around.
I'm making it back,
I'm not gonna drown.
I'm taking a stance.
I won't miss a chance.
I want you to see
I'm not scared to dance.

The way that you feel
Could never be real.
I want you to know I finished the deal.
So I'm sayin to you
I'll always be true.
To the rhythm inside,

To the beat of my,
To the beat of my,
To the beat of my heart,


Away Away,
Away Away,
Away Away,
Away Away,
Away Away,
Away Away,
To the beat of my,
To the beat of my heart,
Away Away,
Away Away,
To the beat of my,
To the beat of my heart,

- To The Beat of My Heart by Hilary Duff -

Yeah, i'm OK now.

Abby is right, its a Wacky Friday. It can go both ways. The fun side of wacky, the disturbed side of wacky.. :) i was a so much disturbed this morning.. but now i am more composed.. and i can say, yeay its friday!! (heck its wacky friday, that is..)

anyhow, i just got back from lunch at sushi king with Oya. she's just got back to work after 2 weeks of study leaves.. sigh, people all taking exams.. and i'll be back on the same track next year.. really hope everything goes well then.. (keeping my fingers crossed)

later this evening am gonna go to the PC Fair with Kerol. if luck is on our side, we'll be having a new digi camera... yeay! hmm but as for now, i'd rather keep my excitement aside first. kang tak jadi beli kang, buat malu jer kan dah kecoh2 awal2.. :P

and tomorrow am going to ipoh.. my two best friends, Muni and Famie are getting engaged.. (finally!) am so happy for them.. :)

alritey.. i am off to continue doing my work now.. till later...

The one with the gloomy friday of mine...

yeah friday should be a happy day. should be a yeayyy day. its the final day before weekend. but somehow, harini rase gloomy sangat. i feel down. i feel low. negativity is all over me. i feel rejected by the world. sigh.

Hate me today
Hate me tomorrow
Hate me for all the things I didn't do for you
Hate me in ways.. yea ways hard to swallow
Hate me so you can finally see what’s good for you

- Hate Me by Blue October -