Friday, 24 November 2006

The one with...T.G.I.F

i'm so happy to realise that its already Friday till i woke up earlier than the norm and i reached office at 8.20am.. (sounds early to me! muahaha).. i wanted to be early in office so that the time will just pass by and the next thing i know, its end of office hour. i'll sure be occupied with this one report to be amended and thats gonna kill the time real fast. (woo hoo somebody is so optomistic today). tonight i'm going to watch a play entitled 'Comedy Court' at the actors studio bangsar with my colleagues. hmm..hope its gona be a good (and worth) play to watch! after all, its my friday night, so it better be good then. *wink*

as for now, i'm gonna stop.. and make my move to...BREAKFAST! hehehe... oh well, i've learnt my lesson..kene makan complete meal.. tak kira la kan if its already 9.30am in the morning.

thank God its friday.. :)

1 comment:

  1. wow! 8.20am! syabas beti, syabas!!!

    hehehehe ......

    Comedy Court huh. I haven't watched many teater. only musical ones, okay la, only 2 musical theatre.

    the first local musical theatre, Hang Li Po, at Istana Budaya, and of course, PGL!

    besh .. besh, I'm a musical theatre chick! hah!