Friday, 17 November 2006

The one with the posers.. :P

Alkisah pada suatu petang bertempat di office di jalan raja laut, KL.
So, this is what happened when me and my colleagues had a bad day in office:

yeah. we were goofing around with the bread stick. and we had fun.

but we still had a bad day, thats the fact. oh well, its all in a day's work.

[ background music: bad day song by daniel powter ]


  1. dear ...

    I work in a very typical malay environment where speaking fully english is considered weird and there's cronism in the air,

    so pictures like that kinda bugs the hell out of me, jealous and envy, green is the colour.

    but .....

    takpe la ... carik makan .... hehehehe .... no wonder my boss kinda separates herself from the other employees ... then again, she big boss maa ... hahaha ....

  2. hmm rase mcm nk throw balik jer this reply a friend gave to me when she got to spend time with Pierre Andre, "keep those eyes of your green baby.. cos me likey green!!"..


    hehe.. on a serious note, tkpe abby, u try la be the trend setter.. start with suggesting an 'english day'.

    err, easier said than done eh? hehe.