Sunday, 19 November 2006

The one with the open houses..and opah..

hmm so far every weekend in this month of Syawal mesti ade invitation to open house.. and of all those i attended, only two were held by my own friend, the rest were Kerol's friends', of which technically are my friends also la kan, but considered as second tier.. :)

today i attended two open houses, out of five invitation.. haha there you go, lima invitation terus. but i guess its because this weekend marks the last weekend of the Syawal month. so everyone is grabbing the opportunity to hold an open house. yup, Syawal is coming to an end soon - how fast time flies.

went to Hana's house in Ampang first..i was so hungry that time i ate a lot! huhu.. i had everything that being served there..yup that much. i had the nasi minyak with curry chicken, telur masin, sayur timun and popodum; then i had Hana's famous lasagna (finally! hehe..mmg sedap) and i had the carrot slice brownies from secret receipe. as if its not enough to ruin my diet, i even had the kuih raya.. thanks to the guys yang tak berenti2 main PS2 - we ended up spending almost 2 hours at Hana's house..heh.

above L to R: (sitting)Usop, Zarir, Acap, Najib, Panjang, myself and
(standing) Hana, Intan, Fieza
*pic courtesy of Hana*

below: Kerol and Nikman khusyuk main PS2

then Kerol and i actually planned to go to his aunt's house in Shah Alam..but since it was already 4 oclock in the evening when we left Hana's house, we decided to go to Ayu's house in Gombak instead, together with the rest of the gang. by then i was already full. the nasi ayam looked so delicious though but i only had a slice of the Shepherd's pie.. and tasted a little bit of the yummy homemade blueberry and strawberry cheesecake.

i wish i can share more pics here but being someone who has no digi-camera, i shall wait till the others upload theirs and share with the rest..

am so tired now but i'm waiting for the repeat of ANTM at 11pm i'm gonna continue blogging.

opah has not feeling very well lately. the 68yrs old opah (mom's side) suffered the normal sakit tua and especially a very low sugar level in her blood that she fainted now and then, without giving any signals. she was admitted into PD hospital since last Saturday and last Tuesday, mama went there to take care of her. it was so sad to face all this. poor opah, and poor mama as well. she's the only nearest daughter, so she volunteered to go and look after opah in the hospital. past few days i had conversation with mama and everytime i was on the phone with her, she sounded so tired - must be from the sleepless night in hospital. i felt something deep in the heart. some bitter feelings. the feelings of i wish that i can make things better. but i cant. the feelings of helpless.

so past few days i was left home with erin and ajim. luckily ajim wasnt being so fussy about food. he was the youngest, hence the spoilt one.. but i always tend to forget that he's 15. he's big enough to survive when mama was not around, and when erin n i went to work daytime.

papa went back from Penang yesterday. so together with him we siblings went to PD to give a visit to both of opah and mama. mama was just fine - was so relieved to see she smiles the moment she saw us coming in. but opah, she was so weak and looked so pale. mama said opah didnt have the appetite to eat she had to be fed through this one tube inserted into her nose hole. again i felt this bitter feelings in my heart. i felt this whole heart of mine was.. sigh i dunno how to describe. i just felt sad basically. she couldnt talk much. but mama told us that opah was getting better by then. i really wish that she IS getting better. mama and erin spent the Saturday night there while i went back to KL.

this morning when they got back home, i asked about opah. erin said that she was still there in the hospital. and she was in tears when she knew that erin n mama were leaving. sigh. i know mama was torn in between. she had to go back to KL and move on with her life routine..and at the same time she knew opah needs her. she wasnt being selfish, but its never easy to be a single mom. mama is such a strong person and i admire her so much. i told mama, worse come to worst, lets transfer opah to the hospital in KL, so that it would be easier for us. for mama especially.

i wish i can do something to make opah gets better, but i guess itu dah memang ketentuan for her. time past by and everyone is aging. so the least i can do now, is to pray real hard.

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  1. at one point, all you can do is pray. Especially for grandparents who are already old. I just wish that if the time comes for both my grandmothers, they will have a peaceful last breath. That would be enough. Becos I'll do my part of praying, as for them to carry with through the ordeal of judgement in order to be among the righteous. But ... of course, it'll be nice to have them with us a bit longer.