Thursday, 16 November 2006

The one with me creating a new blog account..

the idea of creating one blog account at has been playing in my mind for quite some time. lagipun it has become an increasing concern as to how much hiccups are there by having a blog account at, especially that thing where a notification will be sent to everyone in the friendster list everytime i'm done with a new entry. and that includes some people in office too. what a bugger - yeah i thought so.

after all, MY blog is mine and mine only. nothing should restrict me from blogging what i want (of course i know where's the limit though). i enjoy blogging for i can vent away my feelings in writings, i'll feel much better. but to talk about things in office (well, since more than a half of my bloody time is spent there..*yawn*) when people in office themselves are aware of the existence of a place where i always give my piece of mind... - err its not really a good idea isnt it? i'll get judged for nothing, and my writings will be bias in the sense that i feel so much restricted. and disturbed.

so yeah. here's a toast, to a new blog account. yeay. cheers~!



  1. I wish we could do a proper toasting .... yeah ... I love toasting ... and speeches ... but always tak sempat buat when all your gfs are eager with gossips to tell ... hehehehe ...