Thursday, 23 November 2006

The one with me being...sick so sick..mentally sick..and physically sick.

i am sick of promises given by this one particular person. sick of all the nice words uttered to me. just to make sure that her job is done. cakap it wont take me long but up until now i am stuck with the job. erghh!! am so terribly annoyed until i cant even see her face when i had a review with her this morning.. its 5.20pm now and though i still have a lot of amendments to go, i'll just gonna go off by 6pm the max. i'd rather continue this at home later. if the need arises. else i'll continue this tomorrow. i just cant take it any longer. i need to have some downtime.

and yesterday i was on MC. the day before i kept on vomiting and went to toilet. it was already 12 midnight when i couldnt take it anymore until i had to tell my colleagues that i couldnt continue to help them with finalising the report and compiling the appendices. the least i could do then was to give them a ride back home. coz they both are women and they both didnt drive to work and it was already so late. so after dropped them off at about 3 am (yes, A.M.), i went straight to clinic. i expected i had food poisoning. but much to my disbelief, the doctor said "ohh ini angin ni...".. i was like, hello? i was vomitting like hell till there's nothing more to be thrown up and yet the rationale behind all that was, angin? then i told doctor, "but i had a complete meal today. i even had nasi goreng for breakfast - which is really not me. i cant take such a heavy breakfast".. then doctor dengan muke sinisnye tanye "awak kerja auditor kan? bile time sibuk makan mesti tak menentu.. hari ni ye lah makan.. how abt ur eating pattern say, for the past 2 weeks?"

err i was dumbfounded. to which i replied, "hmm ye lah kot.. angin.. so? tak sakit lah ni yer? muntah2 tuh biase jer ek?".. after that he then nagged about the importance of having meal at the right time etc.. and gave me an injection! waaa dah lame tak kene inject ni. then ingatkan sakit biase jer, pastu doktor kate, "saye kasik awak MC". by then i was settled, that though it sounded so duh, i was actually vomit because banyak angin. huhu.

so yesterday i was on MC. and yet today, i'm not feeling well still. tekak still rase payau and loya. perut lapar, tapi taktau nak makan ape. semlm pun rase macam ni but then Kerol came and brought bubur for me. and at night i had cornflakes with milk. tapi itu semlm, kat umah. arini kat office, ape yang ade? sume makanan berminyak and fastfood. not much of a choice for healthy food around the office. cemane laaa i am not sick of food as well. bukan saje tanak makan. i normally have milk for breakfast, dont have lunch and have a heavy and complete meal at night. thought its fine.. but apparently its not. haihhh.. pasal makanan pun boleh jadik hal ek...bukan tak bersyukur.. tapi.. haihhh...

sick.. sick.. sick..

oh yeah i think i am so sick with work until just now, suddenly out of nowhere somebody from audit department, of whom i am not close to at all, Sametime (the Y!M version of this office) me, "askum lilia.. nak tanye ni.. betul ke saye dengar awak dah tender?".. i was like "err..hello?bile mase pulaknyer".. i was so puzzled by the fact people from department lain pun boleh come out with such a story about me.. i insisted him from where did he hear that.. he said " ade lah.. dari sumber2 yang bleh dipercayai..".. i didnt want to engage into the conversation any further so i just replied "no lah.. mane ade...YET.. ".. haha.. and dia plak bleh reply "oh ye ke..takpe lah.. in case u plan to, just let me know.. kalau2 ade opening nanti, i'll inform u.."..

hemmm.. interesting. *grin*


  1. I think its no longer pre-menstrual syndrome for you.

    its pre-year end audit syndrome.

    hehehehe .. PYEAS

    I hope you're fine.

    its 6.26pm, probably for most people, its tea time at work, but I'm the only two left in the office.

    to make the matter worst, I had to do 2 press release, one in English and one in BM.

    I dah buat in english, so I use the same page, just translate in BM la, then save as another file.

    pap! tekan save! shit!

    hilang terus the one in english.

    now I'm screwed!!!! bengang. bukan takleh buat balik, but buat kerja dua kali la. and for a writer, re-writing stuff, we're not freakin computer ada system recovery kan.

    thats why I'm reading your blog and letting it all out here.

    okay, I'm going to redo that bloody press release.

    you be good and healthy k!

  2. abby! so sorry to hear that.. i hate facing that kind of situation as well,where you've put all your heart out to come out with something, then due to some technical faulty you've got to do that same exact piece of work again.. such a bummer aite..

    well,sabar k? things happen for reasons..maybe the first piece wasnt good u were fated to come out with the second better ones...

    its all in (your) a day's work!

  3. yeah, you've gave a new perspective for me. Btw, just got a reply form boss, still got lotsa amendments to do on the ones I screwed pun. Hah!

    its all good. its friday. I'm looking forward to have coffee on saturday morning by myself and my work.

    and my bro will be back form dubai and he emailed me that he got me a new white leather jacket! yeay!!! (giler, saper pakai leather jacket kat mesia??? hahaha)

  4. argh, bloody typos, malas nak betulkan!