Tuesday, 21 November 2006

The one with the assortment of feelings i had when i woke up this morning..

i woke up as early as 7.30 in the morning despite the fact that i had a late night stay yesterday.. and i reached office just before 9. kalau dulu if stayed back late (not entirely because of me being inefficient during the normal working hours, but because of some other obvious reasons, as obvious as tight deadlines etc.); i would come in office at abt 10 to compensate for it. and also to make sure that i had a good 4 hours sleep at least. but then, last week i was being called into both of my big bosses' rooms at a two different point in time and had a small talk.. a so called friendly and gentle reminder.. of all those latecomers, why me eh? i initially took it emotionally but then when my other stay back late and thus come in late gang started to make fun of it, i was more composed. and i felt the feeling i havent had for so long.. the feelings when i was in mrsm terendak.. when i was having the i dont give a damn attitude, and i know i was not alone. oh my, i really miss myself and the friends around during those days...

and i woke up this morning feeling sick too.. i had too much of coffee yesterday.. morning, evening, and at night.. erghh! tekak ni rase macam payau semacam.. hoping to get rid off this funny taste as soon as possible.

and i woke up this morning still feeling damn pissed off with this one particular guy colleague of mine.. he was so rude and mean and inconsiderate yesterday.. i hate people like that... self centered type of people.. buzz off la wei.. *purple with rage*

and i woke up this morning having a nice feeling as well.. the feeling of lucky being blessed with such a wonderful person like Kerol.. someone who is always there for me. yesterday he kept me a company till 2am until i was done with my work.. i can never thank him for always being supportive.. for always lending his ears for me to nag and offering shoulders to cry on when it comes to me having such a bad day in office..and when i had so much of workloads..

and finally above all, i woke up this morning feeling so grateful for i am still alive.. thank God, Allah the Almighty..

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  1. payau?

    gosh, I haven't heard that one in ages!!!

    hahahahaa ....

    well, I had my beauty sleep at 10pm till 6am, believe it or not! hahah, giler la.

    my so-called scandal (yeah, a new guy this time, I sound so promiscuous huh) called me up at 9.30pm and he was surprised cos I was already on bed doing my reading anxiously waiting to doze off.

    today I got toastmaster event, going there as an observer, so no more early night for me... boohooo .... mesti by 9.30pm, I dah menguap macam orang giler ...

    giler baby seh ...

    you're lucky you have kerol.

    even tho with someone to call me to wish goodnight, I cant call anyone mine yet. :(