Friday, 17 November 2006

The one with me being in the mood to whine..

its friday and i dont have the mood to do work. which is not new. who has the mood to do work on friday aite? but for the record, it has been few days i'm feeling like this. i just came to work for the sake of coming in, and i just did what needs to be done, on a very lazy mode. i didnt stay back. i didnt put in extra effort. simply said, i was just plain lazybones. even i myself didnt have the satisfaction in the work i produced. and to my surprise i couldnt care less. as someone who is perfectionist and meticulous, i am concerned as to how come i can have this couldnt care less attitude.

for some reasons, i am aware of the things that caused me to become like that. but those are my reasons..will my reasons ever be considered and heard? i doubt it. i am so upset. always i came across articles in magazines stating that people normally fake their stress. to some extend, i agree things are actually not THAT bad. but ever heard of its always easier said than done? berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu memikul kan? so there are 2 arguments here. means i have a choice to make. stress out, or be cool. and i can make, if i want. hmm....

speaking of which, i think i shouldnt sweat over stuffs. and i believe in 'mind my own business' principle. diam tak bererti bodoh. and diam tak bererti kalah. but i'm afraid that doesnt work in this so called 'dog eat dog world'. where some people tend to climb on other people's heads just to be on top. just to make sure their game plans succeed, through and by whatever means. people will outplay you without you realising it.

but what can i do in this limited capacity of mine? kate kerja makan gaji. coupled with commitments i already have in life i guess i have no choice but to get settled. changes are risky and i am not a risk taker. (for now, at least.) sigh. i am so freaking sick of all this.

so in a nutshell, all i need to do is to go back to basic. ADAPTING. yeah, i'll have to adapt, BUT i'll make sure that my life principle wont be jeopardized. its not easy. i have to bear in mind, though it sounds selfish, but in the end its all about myself. coz thats how life works. and even kat akhirat nanti pun kite sume will be on our own. cuma amalan yang menjadi kayu pengukur.

interesting eh, i've been living in so many places meeting with people from different walks of life, and now am talking about 'adapting' as if this is my first time i ever heard of it?



  1. interesting and true ...

    hurm, I couldn't write about work on my blog, apparently, my boss knows my URL ... heheheh ... the only outlet was an email chain with my close girls from uitm, so, it'll be constant whining and complaining of works from morning till we leave the office. hahaha.

    anyways, its nothing new, adapting, but sometimes, it applies on different situation from different perspective. and even though we've gone through a lot of adapting to situations, doesn't mean we've come full circle of adaptation itself.

    I was in a blogger discussion with a friend called Julia (you can get her blog thru my links) about how being comfortable can even lead to awkwardness. maybe the same apply here. it means that the rotation of comfortability and awkwardness means you just have to be prepared to constantly find ways to embrace the situation, in example to adapt to the new situation, the awkwardness and find how to change it into comfortable.

    I know its just mere rambling.

    but I hope you'll do just well ...

    btw, I changed 5 templates and 3 url to get where I am right now, so no worries on the screwed templates and whatnot ok!

    love lots!

  2. Hi Abby, thanks for sharing your view..yeah i guess being too complacent also is a disadvantage - you tend to take things for granted.. and feeling disturbed by the fact that we need to adapt also can be an advantage - you tend to sort of re-evaluate yourseld..

    after all, life is full of twists and turns.

    oh yeah, you know my office email address already, so feel free to chain your complains to a whole brand new 'branch'.. hehe..

    and i am settled with my blog template, as for now.

    again, appreciate your attention. hugs. :)

  3. erkk.. typo alert! re-evaluate *yourself.