Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The one with... graduated with flying colours

.... from University of Pantang on 30 September 2016. Yeay!

  • Brought Kafeel for his 1 month check up and at 6 weeks, he's all healthy and weighing 5.2kg :)

  • I did my pantang for 2 weeks (14 days) at my mom's place and the balance of 30 days was done at my own - with the help of  my MIL. Makan memang pantang betul2, minum ada cheat sikit sini sana minum air sejuk hihi (chilled kind not the iced kind), socks all the time, keluar rumah cuma time hospital visits, bertungku everyday in the morning (except on days of hospital visits) and in the evening (if rajin), and berbarut everyday too (except during the period I had mastitis - see next bullet point). Pantang dari segi movement, this one was observed accordingly masa I was at my mom's but once I was back at my own, susah sikit lah coz with the kids and basic house chores to be done kan. I tried to restrict my movement as much as I can although physically I felt fine tapi ye lah luka di dalam siapa yang tahu...
  • Speaking of which, berpantang this time kind of sucks becauseeee I had engorgement (during the week 3 of pantang pulak tu sheeshhhh) that did not go away for almost 2 weeks! Sucks big timeeeeee. I had fever and not to mention the pain I had to endure. Tried alllllll the tips - hand massage, comb massage, hot shower, warm compress, cold compress, direct feed, pump, put cabbage, and took Shaklee's lecithin. I even called 3 confinement ladies to do some massages, and 2 doctors visit. Was sent for an ultrasound and thankfully there was no abscess so in the end I was prescribed with a stronger antibiotics. Alhamdulillah, finally life was back to normal. Phew. I hope to never again having to go through such pain during my breastfeeding journey. Semoga dipermudahkan aminnnnn.
  • Looking back, actually the mastitis episode was the hardest bit of my pantang life this time around. Cause other than that, I had it relatively easy. Compared to his 2 elder brothers, Kafeel has been as easy baby in the sense that he quickly settled down to distinguish day and night. Penat sikit la waktu siang coz dia banyak berjaga but malam, he slept through the night with of course that 3-4 hourly feeding time - was a breeze anyway coz I can feed him lying down. So during pantang, my husband and I didn't have to go through the staying up during the wee hour episode to take care or sooth the baby. For that, I am really grateful.
  • During the mastitis episode, I was so stress that my I loss my pregnancy weight the most during that period. So there's definitely blessings in disguise hihi. I managed to finish my pantang achieving my pre-pregnancy weight, in fact, even with few kgs lesser for some buffer yeay! First time nih so I was so happy :) Coz during the previous 2 pregnancies, I finished my pantang having few more kgs to lose to get back my pre-pregnancy weight. Oh well, semoga istiqamah now that pantang phase is over I can go all-I-can-eat mode, heh!
  • Similar to Kazim, Kafeel also has a reflux problem whereby he had a projectile vomit once in a while and a daily case of muak susu. Since he's gaining his weight well and he sleeps well (not fussy) so this is just another laundry problem (can't wait for this phase to be over!!!) than a health problem. We consulted his paed to confirm this as well.
  • My maternity leave is 3 months so I still have quite some time to adjust being a mother of 3. Nervous actually, especially to think of how to slot it cooking time into the daily routine with Kafeel being so ever demanding during the day time. Wish me luck!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

The one with... giving birth experience to baby #3 :)

Its day 14  17  18  20  22  24  25  34  35   37 (LOL, yes, that many start-stop-start-stop in drafting this entry! :P) after I gave birth to my 3rd K and finally I have some time to spare to write about (and actually complete) his birthing story. If you have read my previous 2 entries about giving birth to the 1st K in 2010 and 2nd K in 2012, then yes,  you can pretty much expect the same thing – yup it’s gonna be loonnnng winded and all word-y so you’ve been warned ! :)

The EDD was supposed to be 19 August 2016 (that’s when I’ll be in week 40 of pregnancy) but because Khayr and Kazim were both born in week 37 and 38 respectively, in my mind I was already expecting that Kafeel will be delivered around the same time. Well actually, I was secretly hoping that Kafeel can share the same birth date as mine – 6 August :)

False alarm
Towards end of July, I’ve started experiencing Braxton Hicks every now and then. Because this pregnancy is a 4 year gap with the previous one, I somewhat confused with the sign. Lupa sudah perasaan sakit contraction tu. Was it Braxton Hicks kind of contraction or was it THE contraction that I was experiencing? But taking the advice from my lovely gynae – you WILL know when THE contraction happened. Fine. So life continued as normal.

And then came that wee hour of 3am on 25 July 2016, I was awaken by this strong, painful feeling of contraction. I was confused, because that was too early – I was still in my week 36. I was thinking hey labour cannot be starting already, it’s still too early! (although in actual fact, it CAN happen heh). 

I sat down at the corner of my bed and waited. The pain kept on coming back and I cannot continued with my sleep. Husband was downstairs staying up to finish some work and I was still too confused to go and alert him. So I waited. And waited. No other signs like water bag leakage or blood show but I kept on having to go to toilet - every visit to the loo I kept producing loose stools. And from quick google, apparently diarrhea can be one of the signs that you are about to be in labour.  Oh no, seriously??! – the denial me still cannot believe that labour was about to start. Becauseeee it’s too early, I still haven’t finished with work (SUPER BUSY!!) and husband had to go to work and we haven’t figured out with kids arrangement eh banyak lah benda tak ready kesimpulannya. Andddd as always (eceh macam la always pregnant kan) hospital bag tak berapa ready jugak. Heeeeeee ;)

So while waiting to monitor whether the pain will at one point stopped or not, I quickly got the hospital bag ready and the bag to bring to my mom’s house ready (for confinement). Masuk azan Subuh, husband came upstairs to our room and was surprised to find me wide awake. I told him what happened and he said let’s get myself checked. Informed mother-in-law and she came to help to look after the kids.

By 7am or so we were already at the Gleneagles hospital and went straight to the labour room. They monitored my contraction and yes although they agreed that contraction existed (reading went up to even 70 ~ 100, a number you’ll see in an established labour) but the time interval is still far apart, baby has not engaged yet, no dilation, water bag still remained intact, and baby’s heart beat and movement still ok – so they concluded that I had food poisoning. Apparently the tummy pain from food poisoning can triggered contraction. 

CTG at 8 am in the morning
Part of hubs preparation for the labour - to ensure my nails are super short due to previous experience of being scratched till bleed :D

I was admitted for one night for observation and discharged the next day. Phew.

Waiting game
I got some medicines to ensure that my food poisoning was treated and was given a 1-week of MC to rest because somehow the contractions didn’t go away – they still happen every now and then but the intensity was still irregular. My gynae said perhaps because of the 4 year gap with the previous pregnancy, my body was taking some time to prep for labour as if it is the first time. Hence the mild contraction that started early. Hmmm.

From then on despite being worried about work, feeling guilty towards colleagues (for being away earlier than expected), experiencing contractions every now and then and playing the waiting game, I somehow enjoyed my rest days so much. Spent time doing house chores, fulfilling my food cravings, attending open houses (it was still Raya time :)), pampering myself (facial, mani-pedi, and hair treatment ♥), spending time with family especially with Khayr and Kazim, and a lottttt of ME time. I also get to celebrate my birthday with my 3Ks, by choosing what I wanted - Rakuzen and Dip'n'Dip nyams! Indeed, there’s always blessings in disguise :) I think this is the most enjoyable pregnancy ever – well thanks to the rest days granted, of course.

Makan2 at Dayana's together with Alin and Tina
My simple, yet enjoyable birthday do with 3Ks
Sempat witnessing Kazim's first school excursion by bus 
Sushi selagi sempat. Thank you suami for always layaning me! Third time being pregnant but he's still treating me as if it was our first 
Me time. After sending Kazim to school, went for a breakfast alone at Starbucks having my fav green tea latte and cranberry chicken sandwich, followed with hair treatment sesh and a quite time at the mall. Major love!
Shell out!
Yanie's open house and visiting her super cute twin girls 
Oya's house warming
Kazim's kindermate's open house
Abby's open house

Just me and the kids spending one of our Fridays after school at our favourite quite place - Publika's Marmalade and later on letting the kids channeling out their energy at the play land.

Waiting game went strong
Follow ups after follow ups, almost 3 weeks of rest days passed by without any signs of labour except that mild, not so frequent, contractions -___-‘ (bye bye 6 August – baby not sharing same birth date with me nampaknya). Yeay to moreeeeee ME time, Nay to the waiting game.

Everyone kept on asking “have you given birth yet?”. Well my husband and I, we ourselves also woke up every morning wondering “is it today?”.

Gynae expressed her worry about the size of my baby. She said it’s gonna be a big baby for the petite me – well of course there’s that plus minus of 500gram. I was worried too, coz I was reallllllly hoping for a normal delivery again this time. But at the same time I did not want to be induced. Cukup lah the painful experience of being induced masa deliver kan Khayr dulu. Tapiiii gynae asked us to consider our options – i.e. to be induced or wait for the nature to take its course (which means I can go overdue - baby might be of big size - slim chance for normal delivery). Although we were sure with our decision of the latter, we somehow booked the labour room for 8.8.2016 (konon nak nombor cun hehe) but on the night before 8.8.2016, we called the labour room to tell that we changed our mind. Hihi. So bye bye 8 August too.

Week 39
We had another follow up check up on 11 August 2016 – the day I entered week 39 of pregnancy. Again, no signs of labour. Baby not even engaged yet. He’s in a head down position, but his face was still facing up. Because I did not want to be induced, gynae did this thing called ‘membrane sweep’ to prep my body for labour on my own.

It’s slightly painful, but bearable, just like another VE (vaginal examination) procedure. Gynae said it should worked within 48 hours (normally), but if it’s not, she asked us to come again on Monday (15 August 2016) for another round of membrane sweep procedure. At the same time, we have decided to give birth on 16 August 16 (another cun date kononnye hehe) should nothing happened after the second time of membrane sweep procedure. Well, induced pun induced lah, asalkan dapat go through a normal labour, gitu.

Came 15 August 2016, yups, no signs so another round of membrane sweep it was. Ouch!

In my mind I knew whatever it is, with signs or not, I was to give birth the next day already. So after the check up, hubs went to settle his work while I drove to KLCC with two objectives in mind – nak carik present for Khayr & Kazim, from their baby brother anddddd to fulfill my craving for sashimi! Hehe.
Called Tina to accompany me for the so-called final sushi sesh before 44 days of confinement started! Thanks Tina for always being there! 
Sepanjang kat KLCC, strong but bearable contractions kept on coming. I tried to ignore because gynae told me I should be expecting to experience some sort of tummy cramp after the membrane sweep procedure. Buuuuut when I was about to make my move back, I had a blood show!

The conversation I had with Tina right after I discovered I had blood show. Heh ye, tiba2 teringin that Boost's watermelon lychee drink. Sempattttt :D

Again, I was not sure whether was it because of the membrane sweep orrrr it’s THE sign. Called the labour room, they told me to come and get myself checked. But I was like, hmmm, takpe lah, tahan dulu lah. Nak balik rumah dulu. So off I went back home.

Late evening, I started to experience more intense contractions accompanied with few blood shows. So I told my husband to get myself checked that night. We went to my mom’s house first to set up my ‘confinement nest’, left our kids there, and off we went to Gleneagles. I still remember, it was already 9.30pm or so masa tu.

Sebak! sobs...
Sampai labour room, the midwife on call monitored my progress. She said it was quite strong contractions I was having buttttttt baby was not engaged (whatttt??!) so she said just stayed on alang2 besok pagi nya memang nak kena induce kan. Plus I was already 3-4cm dilated. Tapiiiii I did not want to stay in the hospital. I told them that I wanted to go back home and spent my ‘final’ night with my kids. I’ll be coming back in the morning anyway. The midwife called my gynae and my gynae gave her OK for me to go back home. She said when I come in the morning, no need to be induced just need to break my waterbag to kick start the labour.

So off we went back home. Although it was already midnight time and that kids have slept, hubs had this crazy idea of pulling over to the mcD drive through for some fries with ice-cream sesh. Glad we did that coz the mango sundae was super nyummy! It was my third time having that dish in the same week :)

So finally its 16 August 2016. Reached Gleneagles at about 9.30am. I had no mood for breakfast because of the pain from contraction but hubs offered to buy something from Starbucks so off he went after I settled down at the labour room. During his absence, gynae came to check on me. I was still 3 - 4cm dilated apparently but baby was still not engaged.

*Oh forgot to write about the fact that during this pregnancy, apparently my water bag level was on the higher side (but I had no diabetes) making it difficult for baby to get engaged sebab dia syiok berenang2 and floating (and so I was told). So baby was just in a head-down position (itupun lambat masa week 38 plus kot baru dia head down – all along he was in a breech position) AND his face was facing up (what is called as OP position).

So that morning,

Contraction ada Opening dah ada Blood show ada


Waterbag belum pecah, baby belum engaged and he’s in OP position.

My gynae was clear with my birth plan of wanting a normal delivery with no epidural so she said she’ll try to go for normal first (sebab if baby in OP position normally kena go for c-sec). Scared, but I was feeling positive about it. Kept on praying that I didn't have to go for emergency c-sec half way.

So dalam pukul 10am she broke my waterbag andddddddddddddd after that zassssss sakit contraction datang bagai menggila -______-“ Sakit ya amatttttt, in fact, I can say, that was the most painful contractions I have experienced.

I went all berserk – screaming like no care for the world (how embarrassing -____-‘ but then time beranak anak yang mana yang I didn't scream kan hihi). I took the pethidine jab together with the happy gas, but of course these did not help much. Plus, I tried to be in control not to get carried away with the happy gas because I wanted to be alert of the surroundings. I wanted to be alert when baby was out, I wanted to be alert when baby was put on me, I wanted to be alert when they gave me that first mother-baby bonding sesh.

All this I learnt from the previous deliveries. Masa Khayr, with epidural I didn’t feel the pain hence I was clueless and guideless when it comes to the pushing game. Khayr eventually had to be vacuum-assisted. 

Masa Kazim pulak, ok no epidural, just the gas but I got carried away that my mind was so detached from my body that I didn’t remember what happened. I didn’t remember seeing Kazim for the first time, I didn’t remember having the first skin-to-skin contact with him, I didn’t remember him being put on my chest, etc. All I remembered was I had safely given birth and when I was 'sober' I was already in my ward room instead of the labour room.

Anyways. Coming back to the birthing story of Kafeel. 

So pecah waterbag dalam pukul 10am, the next thing I knew by 11.10am, Kafeel made his debut! Alhamdulillah… 

The most painful, yet the quickest labour I had. Although masa tu confused jugak sebab cepat sangat rasa nak teran. Menjerit2 cakap “rasa nak b*rakkkkk” Sampai nurse and midwife pun tak sangka. With 3 pushes Alhamdulillah Kafeel was out. And syukurrrrr sangat sangat sangattttt I managed to go through a vaginal delivery despite Kafeel being in the OP position. Apparently, my gynae had to do a manual rotation of Kafeel (yup, seluk dari bawah) to assist me to have a normal birth. Love you Dr Su, you are the best!! ♥♥

My friends also agreed it was so fast! Hehe. Sebab pagi tu baru je texted them telling that I was going into labour.

So Alhamdulillah, I was all alert when Kafeel was delivered. I heard him crying, I saw him being taken and put on my chest, I remember hugging him, I remember seeing hubs iqamatkan and azankan Kafeel, I remember everything that was happening around me that day. Syukur sangat. 

There goes, the birthing story of my third beautiful son, K@feel Eyhs@n

Thursday, 25 August 2016

The one with... 1K richer ♥

And thennnn there were 5 of us :)

Alhamdulillah I have safely given birth on 16.8.16 (10 days after my birth date! ;)) to another beautiful baby boy.

Introducing our 3rd K on his day 7 of life - K@feel Eyhs@n Bin Kh@irul F@dzly, born on 16 August 2016 (13 Zulkaedah 1437H) at 11.10 am via normal delivery, weighing 3.33kg - Alhamdulillah...

I'm still adjusting life (confinement period sucks!), this is the ice-breaking entry hopefully I get to update the birthing story soon (I have to be fair to baby K#3 because I wrote such detailed entry about the birthing story of his 2 elder brothers! heh. Plus I don't want to lose memory of such another beautiful experience) so till later~! :)

Monday, 9 May 2016

The one with... sloppy pancakes at Slappy Cakes

Happy Mother's Day to all fellow mothers ! 
Motherhood does feel like a battlefield sometimes. But with my own General right here by my side, I'll keep fighting with my level best!

So my husband is not that sweet, surprise-y, celebratory type of a person and my boys are still small to appreciate what's Mother's Day is all about. Well that's ok. It's kind of expected so I planned for a special weekend myself for.. ME! :D

No breakfast in bed whatsoever coz unless we are in a hotel I don't approved food and drinks being brought upstairs, what's more in the bedroom. That's like a major no-no in our house rules.

Instead, I made my men make pancakes for breakfast at this place in Publika called Slappy Cakes :)

We chose the buttermilk batter (RM9 per bottle) and chocolate batter (RM13 per bottle); with maple syrup and strawberry jams for the toppings (RM3 each). Kids were so excited!

Boys being boys, the pancakes they made are not in the best-looking shapes LOL but very much appreciated nonetheless 

My attempt to make a mickey-mouse shaped pancake - not too bad aite? :)

That was on Saturday. And then on Sunday my husband had to drop by his office to do some work for a while and being such a darling and understanding kids (I'd like to think so! Hehe) they insisted on following their abah...

... leaving me a good 5 hours for a me time 

It's that little thing that counts.. Hope you had a great weekend too!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The one with... that many firsts in life

And this time, it was my second's son first school trip.

Last 2 weeks before end of the term 1, Kazim's school organised the first excursion of the year. The very first for Kazim, that is. It was to the Petrosains in KLCC - boy was he so excited.. ! ♥ 

And instead of the usual feeling of nervous and anxious, I was instead feeling very excited for him too. Maybe because the parents were required to drop off the kids at the Petrosains itself (instead of riding a bus). AND, maybe, just maybe because I sort of made Khayr, in his capacity as the ex-student, join the excursion too. Heeeeee :)

I spy with my eldest's little eye :P
I think I did the right thing - firstly since the school allowed the ex-student to join as well, why not right? Secondly, I didn't have to do a to and fro that day - i.e. waited for Khayr's van to pick him up to go to his school, sent Kazim's off to KLCC, went back home to wait for Khayr to be back from school, and went back again to KLCC to pick Kazim. Lastly, we ourselves have not brought the kids to Petrosains, so in a way good lah both of them get to have the experience of going there. Considered it as been there done that, I'm so striking off Petrosains from our places-to-go list hehe :)

I had some me time while the kids were at the Petrosains - had my breakfast and did some window shopping. And I get to meet my girlfriend Tina for early lunch too. Planning to meet Ayu and Zue too but they had to call for a rain-check.

We planned for a sushi sesh but I was too heavy to walk over to Avenue K and patah balik to KLCC. So I had my fix for the soft shell crab spaghetti at Ben's instead. 

The kids had so much fun - they had so many things to tell. About the earth, the planets, the dinosaurs, the racing cars, the fire, the explosion, and the nasi ayam (their lunch pack LOL) - among other things. I'm glad the trip took place on Friday; i.e. on my off day. It was yet another wonderful Friday I had 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The one with... everything is awesome!

It’s almost end of April and I have no post for the month! (big deal *roll eyes* hehehe)

So here’s to ensure April 2016 is not left without some memories being jot down.

Some time earlier the month we took 3 days off from work to bring the kids for their honeymoon trip to the Legoland. We called it honeymoon because after this I'll be heavier for a jalan2 trip, then it’s fasting month, then raya, then the baby is out (InsyaAllah), and then that means all of us will be home-bound for a while. Can’t imagine jalan2 with 3 kids but yeah we’ll cross the bridge first. Heh.

So we bagged a good deal from Matta Fair for a 3D2N stay at the Legoland Hotel, with 2-days 2-parks combo. It’s our second time to the hotel, first time to the parks.
Left: Us in front of the Legoland hotel in Jan 2015.
Right: Same spot in April 2016. Look at how much the kids (well, we also hehe) have grown.

We made our move to JB on Sunday itself and stayed for the night in our kiasu-ness excitement to ensure the next day early in the morning we were the first to be in front of the Legoland entrance haha. Talking about fully utilizing the parks tickets huh. Our plan was to go to the Theme Park first, then in the evening only to enter the Water Park. And we did just that. We had so much fun!! The kids especially. And you know that feeling to see your kids having the time of their life? Yessss, priceless! 

We purposely chose weekdays, off-peak period to enjoy Legoland with lesser crowd. Best.decision.ever! Kids get to take the ride with no queue, and in fact for some rides which they wanted to repeat, they didn't even have to get off the ride and re-queue. The staff just let them continued to have their second, third (and fourth! heh) round in a row. And for those rides requiring them to be accompanied by adult, my husband did not have to wait for long to go for a second round with our second son.
The premium pirate-theme room as requested by the kids.

Studying the map :) In the theme park there were The Beginning, Lego City, Land of Adventure, Imagination, Miniland, Lego Technic and Lego Kingdoms. We didn't plan to cover Miniland much (try making your toddlers pose with those landmarks built with lego bricks - MEH! don't bother! we know them too well). And Lego Technic was more for bigger kids, 8yo and above- so we skipped that too.


Car ride, aeroplane, boat, ambulance and fire engine - at Lego City.

We read some where that one of the tips to survive Legoland with our hot Malaysian weather was to keep taking turns to go between outdoor and indoor places. Such a brilliant and useful tips, we found.

Star Wars indoor miniland - more of a place for the husband.

At the Lego Kingdoms. And I was so proud of my 2Ks for braving through their first roller coaster ride with no fear and tears whatsoever! Especially Kazim, oh my he really surprised us that day :)

Indoor 4D cinema shows (there were few shows - check out on the timing) and Ninjago Show.


Imagination - The place my kids (and the husband) spent hourssss building their race cars using the lego bricks and race against each other. It's amazing to see how easy the kids (even adults) make friends through such fun activities. I have no complain - it's an indoor place with air-conditioning and chairs. I had to just sit and be their supportive (not sexy at all) track girl. Hehe.

The few pictures at the Water Park before I joined the bandwagon.

We covered the whole of Legoland in those 2 days morning till evening; and back in hotel, Legoland was never a dull place to stay at coz it always have activities happening throughout the day. Sesuai laaaa for kids for they alwayssss have loads of energy sigh.

Movie night - kids be like, what lights off mama? -___-'
And then of course there's that countless lego bricks everywhere for the kids to play.

Before balik - sesi 'tunjuk2'.. *kaching!*
While waiting for husband to validate the car park ticket - kids happy with the trading option offered at the lobby area. Hehe. Kazim paling fussy - nak exchange kepala la, tangan la, head gear la.

Kids with their favourite character from The Lego Movie, Emmet.

 It was time to leave! Alhamdulillah it was a great trip we had. *cue song - Everything Is Awesome!*

Other pointers you ought to know:

  • If you stay at the Legoland hotel, parking is free (just need to validate the parking ticket) and it is so near to the both entrances - Wet Park and Theme Park. On day of arrival we left our luggage in the car and did our jalan2 at both parks straight away.
  • When jalan2 at the Theme Park make sure you wear comfy shoes - a lot of walking involved! If your kids dah pandai pakai kasut yang ada roda tersembunyi tu (hahaha ok I know there's a name for it but I cannot recall as I'm typing this) even better. Let them wear those. And of course with our Malaysian weather sila lah dress comfortably too. For kids its helpful to get them to put on a cap / hat. Kalau rajin nak pegang, boleh la bawak payung. And bawak tla towel kecik or handkerchief untuk lap2 the berlengas kids hihi.
  • Toilets ada banyak and comfy too, they even have family toilet. And surau ada 2.
  • Once masuk the Theme Park tu, we started from the right and made one big circle ikut map to cover all the sections in the Theme Park.
  • Stroller - can rent kat dalam park tu. RM45 per rental (yang single punya). There's a double stroller too but I can't remember how much is the rental.
  • Parks tickets - if you buy 2-parks combo ticket you can keluar masuk between Theme Park and Wet Park throughout the day. But with 1 park ticket, once keluar tak boleh masuk balik (except on Friday for para lelaki - and so I read somewhere. Not sure how true it is).
  • Indoor shows have timing, so make sure you check out on those showtimes and plan accordingly.
  • Food is not allowed to be brought in to the parks but to be honest masa kitorang pergi haritu the staff macam tak check pun? We did bring in some biscuits and chocolates yang memang kebetulan ada in my handbag. But yeah the rules is that you cannot bring in food. There are a lot of restaurants and stalls selling snacks in the Theme Park, but price wise there were slightly on the expensive side. For the 2 days, our lunch each time was about RM60 and we only ordered 2 sets meal. On a good side - the portion is quite generous. Tasted a-okay too.
  • Speaking of restaurants - there were 2 restaurants if I'm not mistaken where there'll be a meet and greet with the Lego characters. One is the pizza restaurant near the Build & Test place, lagi satu tak ingat which restaurant.
  • Air - sila bawak botol air siap2. Air kat dalam tu mahai dot com.
  • Moving from Theme Park to Wet Park - on day 1 we brought the swimming attire and slippers together with us to be used later at the Wet Park when jalan2 at the Theme Park. Leceh jugak sebenarnya sebab nak kena bawak those things kan. So on day 2 what we did is we went back and get changed in the hotel, better. So masa jalan2 kat Theme Park tu lesser loads lah.

  • Kat Wet Park - ada changing room and locker. But towels are on rental. So kitorang bawak towel sendiri. Well, more like hotel towels and bathrobes actually. Hehe.
  • And kat Wet Park, for us ladies kena wear proper swimming attire. The t-shirt with tracks or tights combo was a no-no.
  • There's a small mall next to Legoland, with convenient stores and fast food restaurants. So dinner option if its not at the hotel itself, it would be at that small mall called Medini Mall. But on day 2 we drove out to a nearby place yang ada Mydin tu. There's a mamak there with few other eateries. Itu saja nearby options yang ada coz Legoland is quite secluded from other areas.
  • Hmmm okie dokie that's all I can think of. Hope this helps! :)